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13 DPO - Cycle fail

Was suppose to go in for my blood test this morning but my period started 2 days early. Usually progesterone will keep it from starting but not this time I guess. 158 more words

No different than any of you

Scrolling through everybody’s blogs I can’t help but notice how we are all the same. Maybe I’m different in one way. I’m negative. I’ve tried the positive approach and it didn’t help the first IVF. 466 more words


Pee Results, Day 3: No Change

There’s still a faint line, but it doesn’t look much different than it did two days ago. Still definitely don’t see nothing, but still don’t feel confident calling it a positive test. 338 more words

holy hot flash!

I haven’t taken clomid in 2 days – but the last 2 nights I have woken up no fewer then 5 times soaked in sweat. This morning I have taken my jacket off and put it back on 3 times. 66 more words


18 April 2014 Talk time

What’s that with the time?

When needing to go to the toilet, only to find it occupied, two minutes seems like an eternity.

When waiting for the microwave to finish, 20 seconds seems to last forever. 253 more words


... Til it's Pink

Tonight R and I went into the city and I had a drink drinks. 2, to be exact. I’m only mildly sorry about this. I guess I’m prescribing to “drink til it’s pink” for now. 166 more words


365: 83- 89

Day #83 March 24 spend some time at the world’s biggest bookstore today before it closes

Day #84 March 25 Fun tights for the win! 54 more words