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Answers, Why Hello!

Finally, a real answer on paper! Something that I can see for myself and not just have someone tell me “it’s something they think is wrong.” Since I didn’t really update much after my first appointment except for my lack of motivation post here it is. 389 more words

Lawrence West riders finally have a new elevator, eight years later

It was the year Stephen Harper became prime minister, the first time; Italy won the World Cup; police arrested 18 Toronto-area men in an anti-terrorism sting; and actor Daniel Craig debuted as James Bond in Casino Royale. 233 more words


Hecho en Mexico

Not many people can say they saw their babies projected on a screen three days after conception. This may be one of the coolest aspects of going through IVF. 478 more words


IVF, maybe?

Last night, after making an insane amount of really delicious latkes (Happy Hanukkah, everyone!) Leah and I sat down to discuss our TTC options for 2015. 510 more words


Officially out of luck

If this next cycle doesn’t work, I’m out of luck. My only option is to go herbal and do things on my own. I can’t even get testing done. 267 more words


Hi ho, hi ho, it's off the the RE I go...

Yesterday’s appointment with my RN was less than I had hoped for, though I supposed I did get some good info. I went in with high hopes of straight answers, starting meds, making plans, and being on our way. 863 more words

Robyn Urback: TTC takes giant step toward the present with card payments. Only several more giant steps to go

What a time to be alive. We can send pictures across the world in a matter of seconds, keep a lifetime’s worth of information literally in our pockets and have little robot vacuums clean our houses after we leave for work. 808 more words

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