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About the Pear.

Hi There! Welcome to Our Blog! My name is Kimberly, my other half or my better half is named Rob. We are an adventurous couple from Minnesota on this journey called life. 1,292 more words


CD10 ultrasound

Despite starting the Clomid 2 days earlier than last cycle, as well as doubling the dose, it looks like I’ll still ovulate around the same time – guessing day 15. 173 more words

Catching up. Again.

Oy! Once again, I feel like so much has happened since I last blogged! Time has gotten away from me, things are crazy at work as it’s our busy season and I’m waiting on some pictures to properly update. 551 more words

Please Don't Call

There is one day during each cycle on which I cross my fingers and hope NOT to hear from my doctor. Today is that day. Today is progesterone day. 104 more words


I think I'm in the 2nd Trimester...

Depending on who or what you ask I am in the 2nd trimester or I am ALMOST to the 2nd trimester…this pregnancy business can get confusing! 118 more words

13 DPO - Cycle fail

Was suppose to go in for my blood test this morning but my period started 2 days early. Usually progesterone will keep it from starting but not this time I guess. 158 more words

No different than any of you

Scrolling through everybody’s blogs I can’t help but notice how we are all the same. Maybe I’m different in one way. I’m negative. I’ve tried the positive approach and it didn’t help the first IVF. 466 more words