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uhhhh, internet?

I am suddenly getting a lot of ads for the Paraguard IUD, which is a fine choice for a contraceptive device and I know many ladies who quite like it. 245 more words


Cd 1

Well what an unpleasant surprise this morning. Woke up to Af showing her ugly face. Still tested due to my loss in May and both of course we’re negative. 70 more words

my small lesbian world

so i finally met my lesbian neighbours

i mention their orientation because…

i live in a predominantly straight city
i mean, they shut down the only gay bar here when i first moved… 193 more words


13 days post IUI - one more sleep!!!!

Well, I’ve almost made it to the end. Soon we will find out one way or another what is going on in that little tummy of mine this month. 405 more words


Injection Day 5 and Appointment

I did the Follistim injection myself this morning without event. I was surprised I was able to stab myself. We did the Menopur in the car. 241 more words

downtown glass

Reflections I noticed as I walked up Simcoe and across King  this afternoon.  59 more words


Saturday night shots

And not the good kind.

Tonight is day six of having 150 units of gonal f and my second day of 250 cetrotide. Let me start by saying F you cetrotide. 142 more words