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Ten Happy/Good/Thankful Things

Happy Holiday weekend for those who observe one this weekend.  If you are like me, then I wish you Happy Cadbury Egg Stock-Up Time!

After a short hiatus,  I am back this week with the “Ten Things of Thankful”  post.   651 more words

Challenge Accepted!

Day 95 - 96: Luang Prabang, Laos (this post is kind of boring, sorry).

We arrived in the Unesco world heritage site of Luang Prabang fresh as daisies from Thailand at 6am on the penultimate day of Songkran……which happily goes on for an extra day in Laos — thus extending our enjoyment of the festival (FYI this festival sucks when you are trying to lug your whole life around without getting it destroyed). 448 more words

Chasing The Sun

mentally accessibility

This post is not really about traveling. But I think it can be good to watch if you travel and you use a wheelchair or another aid. 48 more words



This article was in PTU in 2010. Unfortunately it’s only in Danish. The websites referring to my websites at  the end of the the article is today: … 35 more words


Ten Things of Thankful, Third Edition

Today’s Top Ten was inspired by the following:

Yesterday’s post (which was read by I think, four people and didn’t even receive a like, not that I’m bitter or the low number freaks me out or anything) was all about never giving up, with a second half that sprawled out into the wide world of why it’s not good to lie.   1,282 more words

Good Times

a horse was slaughtered

Kazakhstan is ethnically and culturally diverse, in part due to mass deportations of many ethnic groups to the country during Joseph Stalin’s rule.
Also the territory of Kazakhstan has historically been inhabited by nomadic tribes and a tribe we visited. 43 more words


Rano Raraku

If coming to Rano Raraku in a wheelchair Francisco is the sweet sweet ranger hired by Rapa Nui National Park who will make sure you can get to the moia’s. 110 more words