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10 Reasons Why the SBOR/BOSR* May Be More Important Than You Think

*SBOR/BOSR : Secret Book of Rules/ Book of Secret Rules is a rare tome guarded by a throng of 7 ethereal, yet sturdy virgins (3 male, 4 female). 500 more words

Baby Wipes, 2 Swimsuits, and Good Reads - What's in Your Backpack?

I recently went on my first solo mini-adventure. The duration of the journey lasted 19 days and stretched through Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The days were split between a beach town in Costa Rica, to a volcanic island in Nicaragua, and the mountainous coffee country of central Costa Rica – 3 different climates and areas.  1,088 more words

Costa Rica

Northern Thailand: Chang Mai and Pai

The relaxing charm of the Northern city of Chang Mai was a breath of fresh air after a chaotic and overwhelming stay in Bangkok. The most noticable difference between these two cities was how much nicer the people were up North. 1,244 more words


Travel Massive - Why the Global Meetup Matters

I’ve been attending Travel Massive meetups in Ottawa for just a few months now but very early on I was able to realize the great potential they have for networking with the travel community and industry professionals. 651 more words


VIDEO: Exploring Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

These videos of our adventures in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park come courtesy of Martin Kehoe, The Northwoodsman. For more great outdoorsy videos, check out his YouTube channel here.


Same Same… But Different


Ok, so I’m just gonna start with the truth… Bangkok is not nice (Not the words I want to use but we will keep it PG). 798 more words