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Travel Preferences: What's Your Style?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, a part-time¬†traveler (like I am), or beginning to explore, travel has something for everyone.¬†

  • Maybe you prefer guided tours…
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Confessions of a Facebook Addict

I have been a Facebook addict for quite some time now. . . I couldn’t tell you when it happened or even when I realized it had happened. 981 more words


There and Back Again

After a few weeks in Melbourne, a reunion takes place with some members of the south-east Asia tour. During an all day search for the “Best Pav Ever” (see: pavlova), we arrange to take yet another tour together: this time along the Great Ocean Road. 854 more words

Castaway on Hainan Island, China

It was four in the morning and I had literally slept for an hour just out of pure excitement. I was leaving the big grey smog of Beijing for the beautiful tropical island of Hainan in the south of China. 377 more words


Singer < Poor

…And that’s why you never see Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson in the same room anymore…. – oh! Welcome back readers! How’ve you been? Glad to hear it. 873 more words

Ten Things of Thankful- Week 1 (hopefully!)

I have decided that in my quest to work on my word of 2015- FOCUS- it wouldn’t hurt (and would most definitely help) if I take time out to really think about those thankful things in my life. 440 more words