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A Morning Prayer of Rising

One particular aspect of my personal practice that I’m trying to work on becoming better at is praying to the various Powers throughout the various times of the day. 391 more words


The Fair Folk at War

Trooping Faeries

Trooping or social faeries are so named because they have a social organization that mirrors that of human beings with courts, feasts, banquets, royalty—and warfare. 1,167 more words


The Divine Races of Ancient Ireland by Eloise Hart

In the Celtic lore of Ireland, instead of one heroic Light-bringer, legends present a whole race of divinities whose culture and science lay the foundations of civilization and, sooner or later, entice even the most primitive to develop their faculties of spiritual intelligence. 2,680 more words


The Dagda

Ruler of the Tuatha de Danann after Lugh (who ruled after Nuada and I swear I’ll do a post on him eventually), the Dagda was father-figure, savior, trickster, and overall amazing hero/god to the Irish. 466 more words


How Nuada Got His Silver Arm

First king of the Tuatha de Danann, Nuada was in charge when they arrived in Ireland and had been for seven years while they journeyed from the north*.  1,024 more words