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Book Review Saturday - 'A Crack in Everything'

Ruth Frances Long’s A Crack in Everything, published by O’Brien Press, is wonderfully, authentically, full-bloodedly Irish, and I really liked that aspect of it. Set in Dublin, and its faerie equivalent of Dubh Linn (pronounced ‘Dove Lin’, and literally meaning ‘Black Pool’, this is the Irish word which became the name ‘Dublin'; however, the Irish for Dublin is Baile Átha Cliath, which means ‘Town of the Fording Place’, as far as I remember – Ireland’s a complicated place, all right?), … 800 more words

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New Grange Ireland

Their world was reached through mists, lakes, ponds, mounds and the sea.  Faerie Mounds are special places of nature that are still respected by the Celtic people today.   53 more words

" The Tuatha De' Danann" People

Ancient Celtic Culture and its Legends has always inspired and fascinated me, and helped to shape my art.  In particular the Legends of the original Faerie people –  The “Tuatha de Danann” (Also called the Fey (Fay) and the Sidhe (Shee)’ meaning people of the mounds.   188 more words

Tarot readings

I’m no professional, and as long as you take my readings with a grain of salt I’d be happy  to do tarot readings for free if anybody wants to especially specific readings on godspousery,  anysways comment below reblog and email at


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The Beautiful Ones: Tuatha De Danann

Okay, now to play with the big boys.

I’m not going to even pretend I can pronounce these names. One of my friends is dedicated to Nodens and thinks that it’s funny that I call him Doyle (…I’m not sure if I’m hoping or not hoping that you get that reference…). 424 more words