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Beautiful Women Playing Tuba pt. 46

It is my utmost pleasure to present to you, the most beautiful rock climber in Gold Hill, Colorado, Amy!

P.S. Gig tonight at Sabrosa in Grand Junction, CO. Show starts at 10.


The Baritone Horn vs. the Euphonium

Sad to say, many people still confuse the Baritone Horn* with the Euphonium.  Safe to say, if you are in the U.S, you are dealing with a Euphonium.   215 more words


Heroes of the Low End pt. 3

Hartmut Geilert is an utter badass. Simply dissatisfied with “regular” size contrabass tubas, Hartmut decided to craft a sub-contrabass tuba that would satisfy his needs. 78 more words


Heroes of the Low End pt. 1

Around the world, there are those who transcend the boundaries of mere mortals and achieve that which was previously thought impossible. The great Matti Laiho is among their ranks. 87 more words

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