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Beautiful Women Playing Tuba pt. 50

It is my utmost pleasure to introduce to you, the most beautiful burlesque dancer from Baltimore by way of New Orleans, the great Nona Narcissse! 26 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

A young tuba player’s image is reflected in his instrument.  See more refractions at the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.


ULTIMA HORA: Fallece Carlos Soto Musico De La Banda El Recodo

Mejor conocido como “El Jokoki” trabajo durante muchos años con la madre de todas las bandas revolucionando la manera y el estilo de como se toca la tuba con banda. 109 more words


You Know That Feeling You Get...

…when you motorboat someone for an hour?  Well that’s how I feel right now, except I’m the only one with any chafing.  But that’s what happens when you toot your horn after taking a long break. 55 more words


Giving This Post a Title Seems Feels Like I'm Giving It Too Much Credit

At the Panera again, but I’m like 87% sure I won’t get puked on this time.  Not like I did last time, but that was mostly blind luck.  114 more words


Brass Mutes

In my initial posts on the brass instruments, I did not spend a lot of time covering mutes.  Here, I rectify this.  It’s virtually impossible to write about the sound of mutes.   164 more words