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Lunching, Living, Loving

A few weeks ago Rebecca and I spent the afternoon together in Boston. I’m noticing a trend in my blog posts… I promise I’ll try to shake things up but as you can probably understand by now I love Newbury Street. 190 more words


How Skimm’ing is Changing the Ways we get the News

As an International Relations and Economics double major I pride myself for knowing what’s going on in the world outside the Tufts bubble. As a college student, however, it’s easy to get bogged down with the college lifestyle and feel out of touch. 250 more words

Coffee Around Tufts

As an avid coffee drinker, I can confidently say that I have tried all of the coffee hot spots around Tufts.  Yes, I have my own coffee machine and French press at home, but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to a wonderful cup of Joe handcrafted by a friendly barista to start your mornings. 553 more words


Gently unfolding into myself

every so often, it hits me that i am in what may be the most positive, supporting, nurturing environment i may ever have the privilege of being in in my life — and before the bubble even begins the stretch and pop, i wonder how long this ephemeral state of contentment will last. 683 more words

Tufts Life

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted so much about my everyday yet, and I want you to see how my life is like here at Tufts. Last Thursday I attended  a fashion showcasing event at Neiman Marcus. 614 more words


Travel Eye Candy: introducing Shanice Kok and Kasvi Malik

From the busy and colorful streets of India to the beautiful landscapes and food of Argentina, check out these two awesome blogs and witness different cultures through some amazing photographs. 257 more words


Why I Believe in Divestment

By Grace Cooper

Before I came to Tufts I had never heard the word “divestment”. I was first introduced to the term when I attended Tufts Climate Action’s general interest meeting and listened as past members talked about the history of Tuft’s divestment campaign. 408 more words