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Album Review – Ahola / Tug Of War (2014)

A new Teräsbetoni album would have been a lot better for all of us.

It looks like Finnish singer and songwriter J. Ahola is really determined to go on with his solo project, Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band… 591 more words

Heavy Metal


My human found Salvador at a curious corner in a bookshop. Of all places.

He was on sale with a huge discount and had a retractable body that came with his ridiculously large goofy head. 52 more words


Day Seven: Tug of War

Tug of war. The favourite game of the boys at Bethesda School.

Post 385


No sooner has the clock debacle been ironed out to the relative satisfaction of residents than another controversy seems likely to once again threaten the security of the newly liberated ‘Staghan. 98 more words

Into the Light

Carson is recovering well from his CCL surgery. It is a slow process, especially since he is feeling his old self and wants to run and jump and rough house…all of which he can’t. 221 more words

Snapple Fact # 814

Snapple Fact # 814: Tug-of-war was an Olympic sport in the early 1900′s.

Snapple Facts

We Need Year Round Beach Weather

I am a bad dog guardian. At least this winter I am. It is difficult to try to motivate myself in the cold weather to get her out as frequently as I should. 329 more words