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Large Tankers are Awesome!

The afternoon off from work was spent at the harbor taking photos of the Italian Suezmax tanker, Mare Picenum (Picenum is a former region of Italy). 173 more words

Tug of War

Say something enough,
it starts to come true,
So everyday I told myself
I’m over you, I’m over you, I’m over you

Things were looking up… 66 more words


Tough Guy

Isn’t it too bad he doesn’t act this tough in the agility ring?

Tugboat Video Visit

I had the good fortune of heading back to the Philadelphia waterfront, only a stone’s throw from where I used to work. I visited a handsome tugboat and made this video, showing you some of the particulars. 36 more words


Tugboat Nalani

The tugboat Nalani went down off Barbers Point yesterday afternoon. I am very glad to hear that everyone got off safely.

I’ve posted a couple photos of her in the past. 18 more words

How Your Dog "Senses" The World

I am going to get a little “sciency” on ya for a minute or two..yeah I can be a nerd like that..but in order to help you understand how your dog “senses” the world, I gotta put on my lab coat and talk about energy. 952 more words


Play Tug Of War And Let Your Dog "EAT" You Every Time

I am sure you have probably heard from one trainer or the other that you should not play tug of war with your dog.

Some trainers say you can play tug with your dog but you must never let them win. 1,005 more words