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Colleges in crisis

Those who have been involved in college education over the past decade or so, as I have both in the undergraduate classroom and on Boards of Trustees, will not, or certainly should not, be surprised by… 619 more words


Online course materials to reduce costs for Alberta students

Watch above: Shannon Greer reports on the Government of Alberta’s Open Education Resources Initiative

EDMONTON – The cost of post-secondary education can be overwhelming for many Alberta students, and the additional hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on textbooks can weigh heavily on their wallets. 542 more words


More Families Are Saving For College, But It May Not Be Enough To Match Rising Tuition Costs

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: college tuition is rising and along with it, student debt. While a new report shows that families are doing their best to help cover the costs by saving more, it likely won’t be enough.

Welcome to the InterestPath blog

This is the inaugural post for the InterestPath blog.  This blog is focused on providing families with news, information, and insights to help families make informed college and career decisions.   463 more words

College Costs

in defense of humanity

I recently read an article (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/10/education/florida-may-reduce-tuition-for-select-majors.html?_r=0) discussing the possibility of Florida’s lowering the cost of “select” degree programs at universities, including science and technology fields, excluding the humanities. 491 more words

The Economics of Tuition: Why Hillsdale Makes the Cut

Over the last thirty years, tuition prices for higher education in the United States have drastically increased. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average annual cost of going to an accredited four-year institution has risen from just over $8,700 in 1980 to well over $21,000 in 2010 after inflation. 515 more words

Michael Ragan

Tallahassee Tuition Trouble

Tallahassee students are looking to make higher education more affordable. Raising tuition costs have been an issue for USF students for years. Florida’s funding for colleges has over a billion dollars in the past 6 years alone. 327 more words