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What Tuition Rates Really Say...

Over the past two years, I have spent many hours speaking to potential parents over the phone about touring our facility and our tuition rates. Tuition rates change from facility to facility and between different towns, counties, and states. 555 more words


What If Yale Just Admitted the Highest Bidders?

William Deresiewicz, a former Yale professor who served on the Yale admissions committee in 2008, recently wrote an article in The New Republic criticizing the admissions process at Yale and other elite universities. 452 more words

College Professor

Please don't give me any homework

Homework is an important part of math education and I’ve had varying degrees of success when it comes to getting my students to do theirs. I’ve always seen this variation as a function of the willingness and dedication of each individual student but I may be wrong. 286 more words


1,000 miles: step 67- the tuition monster

Some of us believe in monsters, hiding under beds. Quite harmless manifestations of childhood fears.

I know a more hated, detrimental monster. The Tuition Monster was born of grown up children’s financial nightmares. 200 more words

1,000 Miles

The Tuition Addition

Education debt soars with rising college tuition and correlated Piketty inequality, causing loss of opportunity in America

Want a good job? Though experts say get an advanced degree… 1,730 more words