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The man who beat the world record - Robby (aged 12)

Back in the 1990’s, a man drove a yellow Lamborghini all around the world to beat a world record.  The young man, who wore a yellow beany, was a millionaire because he won the lottery. 88 more words


The Lizard – Angus (aged 8)

In the morning there was a lizard in the jungle.  He had a very long tongue and he could change colours.  He went up a tree and he changed to brown.   23 more words


Supply and Demand of College Degrees: 101

Supply and demand for college education is out of whack, and it has been for the last few decades. We have been told since childhood that a college education is a must-have, so we inherently demand it. 1,299 more words

Woman suing ex-boyfriend over tuition

KAMLOOPS, B.C. – A 22-year-old B.C. woman is suing her ex-boyfriend to pay tuition for a class she says she failed due to distress over the breakup. 116 more words


Back to school

It’s been a year (and 3 months) since I’ve set foot into a classroom as a student. I feel a different energy from when I was an undergraduate. 163 more words


Poorer by Degrees

Here is a link to Poorer by Degrees, a new short documentary by Jennifer Shuberth, a former faculty member at Portland State University: 285 more words


A Small Favor: Helping a Friend Pay for College

Hello everyone, so I’m making a quick post today to ask you all a small favor.

A close friend of mine is trying to win a Dr. 196 more words