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CMSV's New Printing Policy

Mount Saint Vincent’s new printing policy has been in full effect this year, but are the new changes helping the school’s students or putting them in a bind? 329 more words

Now accepting students for Guitar and Bass tuition.

I am now accepting students for my Kirkcaldy based teaching school.

Professional Guitar and Electric Bass Tuition in Fife:

I offer a wide range of Educational opportunities for Guitar and Electric bass. 102 more words


The Big Question... Is College Really Worth it?

Hello all

I am writing this while sitting on my couch, after a long day of baseball, doing one of my favorite fall activities; watching football. 570 more words

Freedom held ransom

Re: Students held ransom, opinion column by Anne Jarvis, Sept. 10.

Thank heavens for The Windsor Star’s lone progressive columnist.

Anne Jarvis writes that the university professors’ union doesn’t seem to understand that the students should just simply be in classes. 55 more words


Counting down the days...


It’s less than 4 days now until I start university and enter the world of fresher’s and woeful attempts at cooking (or just microwaving) as well as drinking  immeasurable and unreasonable amounts of alcohol. 437 more words


Remove objects from almost any image!

You captured the lighting, the beautiful smiles of the people in your photograph, it is framed perfectly but someone has found it amusing to ‘Photobomb’ your amazing shot! 78 more words


Cool Kip points!

At the Kip McGrath centre, every so often, we sit down and carefully go through the students’ amount of accumulated Kip Points (or KPs), deciding who will be recieving a certificate.  156 more words