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F is for Francisella tularensis

F is for Francisella tularensis

Francisella tularensis is a gram negative bacteria that causes a disease called Tularemia. It is most commonly transmitted by insect bites and handling of sick or dead animals. 117 more words

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The Jesus Crime: Thou Shalt Not Cure

I keep thinking that one blog ought to be a set up for another and that’s not how I like to think, but its come to the point where I have to forego the luxury of random access thinking, the thought pattern of what hey have labelled as attention deficiency disorder and deliver some sequential material. 1,031 more words

Don't Be Taken Down By a Bug

Spring will bring about warmer weather and the chance for everyone to think about gardening and other close-to-nature activities. Exposure to many types of insects will be inevitable. 341 more words

Researchers learn more about tularemia structures

BioPrepWatch Bryan Cohen 19 February 2014

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are learning more about how tularemia, a bacteria considered a significant biosecurity risk, persists in the environment and causes disease, according to a presentation on Sunday.

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