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Rolling with the good times

After two months of sleeping through the night (6-6 with a dream feed offered at midnight), we had a scary few nights. At 13 weeks Pip was competently rolling onto her tummy in her sleep… EVERY hour (yawn!). 334 more words

Does crawling matter?

So what’s the big deal about crawling? Should you be worried if your baby decides to skip this particular milestone? As a paediatric therapist I see crawling as an essential developmental milestone, that shouldn’t be neglected. 304 more words

Occupational Therapy

Whats wrong with a Jolly Jumper?

Many parents see the huge aray of equipment as a boon to their child’s development in the first 18 months of development.
Here is why simple is best, and letting your child play on the floor, first on their back, stomach, side, then on their own sitting, propped with a pillow, then crawling around is best for your child. 276 more words

Motor Milestones

Fun in the Sun with Baby

We love to spend time outside but babies and lots of sunshine don’t always mix well. I’ve compiled a list of items beyond your standard shady umbrella that have helped us continue to enjoy the great outdoors while keeping our little bundle of joy safe and cool all summer long. 695 more words


The Tyranny of 'Tummy Time'.

We’ve all been there, it’s 5:30pm and your baby’s starting to get the early evening grumps. You do a nappy change, maybe give them a feed and jangle their favourite shiny toy above their face for a bit. 988 more words


July Happenings

I’m dealing with a little bit of scrambled egg brain right now due to lack of sleep. I don’t think I’d be sitting here looking at my computer at all if it hadn’t been for the Keurig this morning (love my Keurig!). 970 more words



Emma, dear, you are over 3 months old today.

This past month has been chalked full of some pretty big firsts! You rolled over, from back to tummy and what we thought was a fluke has now become a fluid movement of grace. 243 more words

Married Memories