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Not Your Average Teenage Love Story


He notices her when she is arguing with F. She is wrong. But God, her confidence. He knows.

She notices him first on the Whatsapp group. 1,507 more words

Seriously Though


Just found out last Wednesday that I have a tumor on my pituitary gland.
I think my parents are more worried than me

Last Sunday before we even found out, my mom came in my room while I was sleeping, 108 more words

Teen gets 232 ‘teeth’ removed in Mumbai

(CNN) – A teenager in India, who had more than 200 “teeth” growing in his mouth due to a benign dental tumor, has had them removed. 346 more words


Theories of Aging- It's Not a Tumor

What is the difference between a tumor cell and a normal one? Among other things, cancerous tumor cells divide indefinitely without damage to the cell. How does this happen?: A little thing called a telomere. 255 more words



We met with the oncologist today and the news is generally good. My CEA is down, my liver enzymes are down, but one tumor in my upper left lung grew while the rest of the tumors shrunk – what?? 217 more words