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Look at my beautiful baby...LOOK AT IT!!!!

What a cute Oligodendroglioma!!!  How many months along are you?  When is the surgery?  Are you going to try for another one after this one?  … 121 more words

Update on the medical situation

I FINALLY got to see the neurologist today after about 2 weeks.  The tumor which is a little smaller than a golf ball, is certainly causing the dizziness but not the headaches (how strange).  411 more words


Woman Grows Nose On Her Spine (Stem Cells!) | Effing Love Science

If ever there was a case of fringe science setting a bad example and rubbing the right wing the wrong way, this one’s a shining example. 277 more words


Catching a break

My CT results came back today. My hematologist called me from a private number on a Sunday morning to share the results with me.

The good news is that the scan revelead that there are no additional tumors in either of my breasts, so that’s indicative that the cancer hasn’t metastasized. 186 more words

Breast Cancer

Figurative nose.

Sometimes, when I realize how truly ill I am, I sit and read hundreds of forums and blogs about Intracranial Hypertension. I have IH and I’ve just noticed some odd things. 229 more words

Pengobatan Alami Tumor Lambung Yang Aman

Pengobatan Alami Tumor Lambung Yang Aman

Kabar baik bagi anda yang saat ini sedang mencari pengobatan yang terbaik, tepat dan tanpa efek samping dan berbahan dasar alami (herbal) untuk mengobati dan mengatasi masalah lambung seperti… 1,454 more words