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Pheochromocytoma - Diagnosis

Whenever I’ve gone through tough times in my life, I have always put pen to paper, or fingers to iPad. Often called ‘Wordy Westwood’ by friends, I find it a great form of release, therapy you might say….so it actually doesn’t matter if nobody reads it.  2,329 more words

Adrenal Glands

Not quite there, yet.

Darn it. Went to the hospital today thinking that all these stitches were going to be taken out and I’ve come home with about half of them still in. 304 more words

The Blog


Stitches are coming out tomorrow afternoon. I’m actually really looking forward to it.

I hope whoever’s doing it has patience though as there’s over 100 of them!

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The Ouchiest

It was the tumour that broke the camel’s back. I was the camel.

One evening last week, I was reading a book (okay, a comic book) when I noticed a slow throb in the middle of my back. 355 more words

Mugshot +9 days.

Nine days after surgery. Jane cleared most of the dried blood off the stitches last night so they look a little less gory. The bruising is now showing and there’s some swelling under my chin which you can see in this picture. 184 more words

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Little things.

Well, today it’s a week since I was discharged from Gloucester Royal and I’m pleased to say that each day I feel a little more like myself although I do know that it’s still going to be quite a while until I’ll be totally back to normal. 337 more words

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Well I expected my last meeting with The Prof to be all about my hand. You know:

How is it?

Alright really I’m getting through gigs and stuff and I’ve badgered my GP and I’m seeing a consultant in November having seen him once already at his private clinic* which was useless because he didn’t have access to my blood tests and nerve conduction studies.** 438 more words