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Study maps tumours' need for sugar for mobility.

Cancer cells are gluttons. Researchers have long known that they monopolize large amounts of sugar. More recently, it became clear that some tumour cells are also characterized by a series of features such as mobility or unlikeliness to join in an ordered set. 448 more words


This book could save your life.

For those of you who do not know – MMS was the nutrient that I used to eradicate my calcified brain tumour.  It is used for so many other illnesses and has a great history of healing people from Malaria – with the help of The Red Cross.   48 more words

Health And Healing

Methylation Magnets and Green Tea

The primary causes for cancerous tumours have been accepted to be smoking, drinking, radiation, and, of course, our genes. But, recently, research has provided evidence for the first time that tumours can be triggered by aspects of our lifestyle and environment that switch genes on or off, without altering the DNA itself. 352 more words


HistoQuarterly: FIBROADENOMA

Working in a histology lab means that I get to see a lot of what our body looks like under the microscope.  Quarterly I will share with you some of my photos from the microscopic world of our inner space and tell you a little bit about what we’re looking at. 1,113 more words


Still Full Of Questions

Since my botox almost 5 months ago I’ve had another clear MRI scan and a follow up with my Consultant at Christie’s. For a while I had it in my head that I was wasting his time, it just felt like appointment after appointment I’d go in and he’d say ‘all ok’ I’d say thanks and then I’d see him again in 3 months!….Now don’t get me wrong, every time he said all was fine it made my… 422 more words

Post Surgery

Lazy Sunday Lego day

I’m laying in my bed, legs weary from walking around LegoLand all day yesterday, with a sunburnt nose despite lots of factor 50 SPF application and a general feeling of contentment. 302 more words


What makes a cancer a cancer? The hallmarks of cancer.

Cancer – the ‘C word’ in far too many of our lives. Wherever you are, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to avoid the news reports and personal stories about people fighting against cancer. 1,206 more words

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