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Hijacking the brain’s blood supply, tumour discovery could aid treatment.

Dangerous brain tumours hijack the brain’s existing blood supply throughout their progression, by growing only within narrow potential spaces between and along the brain’s thousands of small blood vessels, new research shows for the first time. 893 more words


Another week, another health scare

My recently re-acquired routine – exercise, writing, physio, acupuncture – has been rudely shattered by yet another health scare. Can you believe it? Only a week after seeing my lovely Singapore GP, Dr Foong, about routine things, like B12 jabs, next scan dates, HRT etc – she is surprised to find me back again. 700 more words



Minuscule pieces of gold may help improve treatment for aggressive brain cancers, according to research published in the journal Nanoscale. 333 more words


Brains are Weird, right?

I got to spend this lovely long weekend at a cottage up north. It was a tiny little cottage, more of a cabin really (actually it was a trailer with an added on screened in porch to make it look like a cottage) but it was perfect for what I needed. 741 more words


May her mountains be beautiful!

…and so the journey continues; climbing mountains, falling off cliffs, reaching for the stars.

Abbigail’s bone scan last week returned positive. The bony structure within the right ala of her pelvis lit up like a Christmas tree, correlating precisely with what was seen on her MRI images of July 15th ( 860 more words

Abby Update

Brain Cancer

This blog post was written in April of this year at a time when our family was under a lot of external pressures and Bede was not in as good a place as he is now.

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