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23rd November 2013: Lentil and spinach soup; and fish pie

With the weather turning in – rainy days, getting colder and gloomier (much as it is right now) – lunchtime soups are becoming more and more regular. 221 more words

Recipe: Tuna Potato Casserole

Okay, so it shouldn’t have taken us nearly a month to finally post a recipe but it did. Shame on us. It seems strange that we need to go on a short hiatus when we barely started. 287 more words


Empanada and Jazz in the School Hall

It’s about time that I got back to my blog- I know, weeks of inexcusable silence. Well, it’s been a momentous month: I hit 50, Peter and I got engaged (after just 14 years) and I’ve got a new book on the go. 995 more words

Tapas And Nibbles

Easy Dinner to Share with Housemates

On Monday my housemates and I had dinner together, something we should definitely do more often. Not only is it lovely to actually get to talk together, but it is also pretty cost-effective, also everyone can help chop, wash, cook etc. 422 more words


Gazpacho seasoned Tuna tar tare wrapped in melba with roasted Tinker bell peppers

If beautiful fresh fish inspires you like it does me, this is something you have to try.” 378 more words



Recently I spent a month and a half in the beautiful mountains of Canada. I’ve always lived in a city and never had to worry about food supplies because I’ve always had a supermarket or grocery store near by. 429 more words


Creating Brands With Zing

When I mention tuna, sauerkraut and oatmeal, do any particular brands come to mind?

If you’re using social media solely to keep tabs on friends and family, you may be surprised to find that standard pantry staples have powerful brands online that are working hard to get your attention socially. 270 more words