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Tuna Salad - Quick and Easy for a Light Lunch or Supper

Use a quality canned tuna like Sirena and, with the simple ingredients and fresh flavours, you can’t go wrong. This version of a Tuna salad takes minutes to put together, is really healthy and will be loved by the whole family. 71 more words


Wholegrain pasta with tuna, feta & rucola

Boil pasta in salted water, so that it is al dente(It’s good to splash it with a bit of cold water after draining it off – it will stop the boiling process). 136 more words


Tuna Cakes


1 can Chunk light tuna in water, drained

3 tsp. Light Mayonnaise

1 cup breadcrumbs


Drain the tuna in the sink. Mix the tuna and mayonnaise in a medium bowl. 41 more words


Salade niçoise

When the Chef told me for the first time that he was going to make me a Salade Niçoise, I really did struggle to hide my grin. 171 more words

Our Recipes

Black Sesame Tuna & Sriracha Sauce

Finally Sriracha has arrived in Johannesburg, I could not be happier! It is THE best chilli sauce in the world; it goes with anything and tastes like absolute heaven. 204 more words


Easy tuna 'ceviche'

Tinned tuna makes such an easy lunch on the days that you’re in a rush. Although it can be good on its own, it’s even better when you dress it up! 84 more words

Ayam Brand tuna is getting awfully expensive

I remember when I used to buy a can of tuna, like this, for about $2.20 not too long ago. All of a sudden, I am seeing these very same cans of tuna costing $2.80 in shops, some costing as much as $3 a can. 111 more words