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Secret Ingredient: Japanese-Spiced Tuna dinner

Ok, finally I gave in. I decided to give Secret Ingredient a go, after almost every other HK blogger and most of my friends and colleagues have tried it. 412 more words

Hong Kong

Chili Tuna Salad Sandwich

Time is not always a luxury afforded to a family with three school-aged children.  With the onset of the school year, we find ourselves more hurried (or harried) than was the… 395 more words


Day 56 - #100 days of happiness

Yesterday night I had a mouthful of lamb off mummy’s plate and then took an antihistamine.
Most people feel drowsy after an antihistamine.
I didn’t at all and I didn’t go to bed until a out eleven last night. 123 more words


Tuna tartare

Being surrounded by a lot of water in the Hamptons it is not surprising that the fish can be so fresh and readily available. Atleast once a week I buy fresh tuna from… 210 more words


Flavoured Tuna, Tomato & Cheese Melt

A great quick lunch that can use a roll, a slice of bread, a piece of pita bread or anything else you wish.. I used an English muffin sliced in half.. 33 more words


Back to School Bento

September is the beginning of all things academic, even though the shops start back to school in July! I thought I’d make and share my back to school bento. 179 more words

Burning Concrete.

Hello again dear readers,
Todays been a doozie even i have to admit. Have you ever gotten so upset all you can really do is stare in one spot trying to hold it all together? 154 more words