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Dowsing for dead people

by Gordon Bonnet via Skeptophilia

Suppose you were walking in the woods, and suddenly, you stumbled on a root, and fell flat on your face.  And while you were lying on your belly, trying to regain your breath and your dignity, you noticed that right in front of your eyes was a twenty-dollar bill that someone had dropped. 349 more words


The Drive to Work

Every morning I drive the seven miles from my house at the top end of Tunbridge Wells to Crowborough. A colleague of mine who had lived for years in Australia told me once that there was more variation in the views in that short journey than in the whole of Oz. 69 more words


Congratulations Team Julie!

It’s time for a bit of a catch up. You may remember a few weeks ago how excited we were that Collingwood Batchellor’s business director Tom Collingwood would be running the New York Marathon on the 2nd November? 182 more words

DEAD CEREMONY - " Losing You " and "Heartbeat "

Dead Ceremony , something took hold and back we kept returning to this new track, ‘Losing You’. This isn’t their debut,  “About three years ago Chris and David wrote and performed a live score for the silent film ‘Nosferatu’ as a Halloween event. 470 more words


Dunorlan Park

If there is one place that has inspired me to get into the idea of improving my photography by returning repeatedly to familiar locations, it is Dunorlan Park. 156 more words


Showcase (Number one)

It’s been a couple of months in the gathering of acts, but last night the first Showcase started at Tunbridge Wells Forum. The Forum will ‘showcase’ four acts regularly on Thursday evenings, offering them support and advice. 328 more words

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