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Typography walk: Asking the owners

Finally got round to going for a walk as requested by our DVC tutor 2 weeks ago! I chose to do the walk in Tunbridge Wells. 853 more words

Tunbridge Wells

The Forum is Twenty-two.

Where to start? With, being too busy to get round to writing a blog? With, having re-read a blog from over two years ago being embarrassed by the content? 138 more words

Tunbridge Wells

Furniture History #2 - Chairs?

‘You sit on it, but you do not take it with you’… so goes Boris’ riddle in the wonderfully hokey Bond opus Goldeneye. Guessed the answer yet? 323 more words

Proud to Present: Brand styling for Aesthetic Surgeon, Nora Nugent

Nora Nugent is an aesthetic surgeon based in Tunbridge Wells. She launched her private practice about a year ago, and already had a smart logo and website in place when she spoke to us. 503 more words

Proud To Present

Chef Rosemary brings Californian prune sweetness to the table

Celebrity chef and star of such TV classics as ‘Ladette to Lady’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity …’, Rosemary Shrager loves prunes. She is especially fond of those nurtured in the soft, laid back warmth of southern California. 1,622 more words


WIN a day cooking with Rosemary Shrager and California Prunes!

Whether it’s a gorgeously indulgent winter warmer or a tasty high-fibre snack for a healthy new you, California Prunes are rich and flavourful, healthy and nutritious – which means they are great in both gooey desserts and light healthy snacks? 385 more words


Furniture History #1 - Language

While many of us are happy accepting what is placed before us without reason, a select few may think ‘hmm, how did this simple, pedestrian item come to… 380 more words