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Tune In Tuesday: Drift-Elijah Blake

Elijah Blake has released his EP titled Drift, and features 8 tracks and a guest appearance from J. Cole. Elijah Blake is someone to look out for with song writing and singing skills. 30 more words

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Tune In Tuesday: X-Chris Brown

Today is the day!

Christopher Maurice Brown’s highly anticipated new album, X, drops today. It features 21 and guest appearances from Trey Songz and R. Kelly to name few. 32 more words

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Tune In Tuesday: Journey To Freedom-Michelle Williams

So…. Tenitra AKA Michelle Williams finally decided to dropped her new album titled, Journey To Freedom, it only took forever! You can say what you want about Tenitra, but she knew exactly what she was doing when she rode that Destiny’s Child wave into girl group history. 97 more words

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Tune In Tuesday: Souled Out-Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko’s new album titled  Souled Out, dropped today. I have to say I like some of Jhené’s songs, but I am not completely sold on her. 757 more words

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Tune In Tuesday: New Music Releases

Today is Tune In Tuesday and your new releases are here:

1. Promise To Love-Kem

The Detroit native and 2 time Grammy nominated artist Kem brings us his fourth full length studio album. 290 more words

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Tune In Tuesday: Dark Horse-Twista

Chicago representer Twista dropped a new album today it is titled Dark Horse. Twista is known for rapid fire rhyming. If I am not mistaken he may have set a record for his fast paced rapping. 24 more words

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Tune In Tuesday: Stronger-Tank

Mr. Maybe I Deserve aka Tank new album titled Stronger drops today. Tank is normally not an artist that im can make it through a whole album with. 36 more words

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