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Scotland - Finishing up

At last we have reached the fourth line and guess what, there is nothing much new here. It is basically just a repeat of the second line! 7 more words

Scotland The Brave

Scotland - "High Hand 2"

This may be the last of the practice phrases we need for this tune however this is an important one. The second to last measure here has another scale run, similar to the one at the end of the first line. 21 more words

Scotland The Brave

Scotland - The "High Hand"

Lets look at the “High Hand.” This practice phrase uses the C Doubling and E from the previous measure as pick up notes. Remember to give the two High “A’s” here their due. 33 more words

Scotland The Brave

Scotland - Second Line

Now that we have thoroughly dissected the first line of Scotland, let’s move on. It gets a bit easier here as the second line is almost exactly the same as the first, right up until the last measure where we have a Birl instead of the scale run. 11 more words

Scotland The Brave

Song of the day: Half Gate - Grizzly Bear

“Past the roaring shore
I have nothing left to hear
I’m chasing all the words
But everything you say I only see

But honestly it’s fine… 159 more words


Unbearable is out!!!

Unbearable is on Soundcloud! It is available for free download for the next 24 hours!

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I thank all of my friends and colleagues for all of their help, support and patience!   19 more words


AM DOPE: Red Eye Gravy

I’m messing around with several concepts on the site, and today Morning Music is being replaced by AM DOPE. If you can think of a better name, please share. 32 more words