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Suge Knight Doesn't Want To Cooperate With Police Following Being Shot Six Times

Over the weekend, the news came in about Death Row CEO Suge Knight being shot multiple times at a Pre-VMA party that Chris Brown was hosting. 160 more words

Gabulous Writer

Morning dance party brought to you by Tupac.... & some Eminem.

Music moves people.

You wouldn’t be lying if you said it didn’t touch your soul at least once, a day. Once a day.

I can’t go a day without turning on Spotify, Pandora, Itunes or just my radio in the car. 538 more words

Being In Love vs. Being A Damn Fool

“Suckers for love” was a phrase from my teenage days used for people who do anything in the name of love. They’ll forgive, time and time again, a cheating significant other, and even put their life or freedom in jeopardy to keep these people around. 259 more words


Reading Leviathan in the church parking lot, playing Tupac. 

The Idealist in me never minds waiting. 

I cracked the stained glass window enough to let the sun light bronze the paperback.  266 more words


Did Hip-Hop Fuel The Uprising In Ferguson? Holla If Ya Hear Me!

Did Hip-Hop fuel the uprising in Ferguson? One professional and resident of nearby St. Louis, Missouri tells AllHipHop about the transformation within a small, sleepy town. 811 more words


Islam: barbaric or misrepresented?

Islam: a faith of over 1.6 billion adherents on the planet, second in numbers only to Christianity. It has contributed to shaping history and building world civilizations, and has progressed through numerous stages since its beginnings in the 7th century, created by the Prophet Muhammad. 1,514 more words