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The Good, the Bad and... Lesbians!

A lone, female ‘gunslinger’ wanders into a domestic abuse situation -and all hell breaks loose!!! In the tradition of Eastwood’s “man with no name”; Leone’s “spaghetti westerns”; and Peckinpaw’s epics… A new twist is brought to an old story: the Lesbian-Western is born!!!

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It never ends! (Not that you'd want it to...)

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I got back from Florence, and I’ve never been so busy. It’s been great fun and I think I’m learning not to panic and just to enjoy working hard and being busy, which is good as it looks like it’s going to continue. 317 more words

Majority who responded to developers' own poll are against wind farm

Fewer than 5% of people responded to a postal survey on £7.5m plans for a wind farm above Helensburgh and Rhu.

More than 60% of those who replied were against the plan – but developers say they will still press on, despite further opposition from… 359 more words


Testing the final prototype

As you know, we’ve been testing Ziphius, and on our last post we said we would have new photos and info about the final prototype. Here you have it. 118 more words


The Emergence of Tidal Energy

With the limited supply of natural gases, engineers have started to create renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy that comes from naturally replenishing sources like the sun, wind, and water.  591 more words