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Run-of-River Hydropower Market Worth €1 Billion in 10 Years, Says Dutch Expert

Tocardo International BV, a Dutch maker of turbines that generate power from water, said the market for installing its devices in rivers may be worth as much as 1 billion euros ($1.4 billion) in 10 years’ time. 263 more words

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Merlutia - Chapter 2 - Dr. Juxi

Dr. Juxi

Back in his quarters, Dr. Marlos Juxi stripped naked and entered the drip mister shower. He pushed the red nodule that closed the splash sheath and then the white one that engaged the misting fronds. 1,224 more words

6 months and counting...

Last Tuesday was the 1st April, April fools’ day, and exactly six months until I will hopefully have a finished PhD thesis sitting on this desk in front of me! 234 more words

An #inconvenienttruth that flies in the face of @iwea propaganda #actonfacts #wind #notgreen @Act_on_Facts #iwea

Three protected white-tailed eagles have now died as a direct result of wind turbines in Ireland.

This is a scientific fact, reported on 6/3/14 in… 651 more words

Jim Wiegand: Exposing the wind industry genocide

Eco Report — April 5, 2014

Jim Wiegand has no affiliations with any business, industry, or groups except Save the Eagles International. He receives no funding for any of this from any outside source. 630 more words


"Cutting Down the Nets" of the Wind Industry

Paul Kuster — April 6, 2014

Many who know me, know I love basketball.  This time of year is great since the NBA is heading for the play-offs, but it’s NCAA “March Madness” that makes this time even better.   755 more words


Turbines: Powering the Present and Future

When discussing the topic of renewable alternative energy sources and the possibility of harnessing the oceans currents to produce power for our everyday life’s, many people will ask themselves “How is this even possible?”  It is possible to convert the energy from the ocean into electricity using a mechanical device called a turbine.  427 more words