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Disturbing the neighbourhood

with your giant electric turbulators all revved up and ready to go.

Visual Art

Majestic wind turbines of Germany

Germany has a plan to meet 80% of its energy needs with renewables like wind power by 2050. Incentives for producers are now being scaled back but in the first six months of 2014, wind power increased by more than 60% (according to… 57 more words

Fracktice what you preach

Today, I’ve been playing with a game online for the first time in a while. Not since the badgers starting moving the goalposts, have I been drawn into one of these online time-wasters, but today… 224 more words


UK: Opposing Wind Turbines is NOT Anti-Green

Keith Bryer — Business Report — August 8, 2014

The intolerance of dissenting views by the Green Lobby is an unpleasant aspect of some of its members.

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Massachusetts: Noise From Hoosac Wind Angers Neighbours As Turbines Exceed Noise Levels by 7 DB

Scott Stafford — Berkshire Eagle — August 10, 2014

CLARKSBURG — News that noise coming from the wind turbines in the Hoosac Wind project exceeded state standards has some of the project’s neighbors calling for action, and others shrugging their shoulders.

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Wind turbines in Burgenland

We’re off to have lunch in Bratislava. Just because we can. :-P