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Wind turbines in Burgenland

We’re off to have lunch in Bratislava. Just because we can. :-P


Blowing Our Dollars in the Wind

Viv Forbes — The Pickering Post — July 15, 2014

Wind energy produces costly, intermittent, unpredictable electricity. But Government subsidies and mandates have encouraged a massive gamble on wind investments in Australia – over $7 billion has already been spent and another $30 billion is proposed.

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Simple solutions for congestion

The Neighbourhood Plan is looking for feedback on traffic. We all complain about parking, congestion and the number of heavy goods vehicles coming through the town centre. 773 more words


U.K.: Industrial Wind and Solar -- A License for Greed

Wind and sun power create a charter for hostility and greed

Western Morning News (UK) — July 8, 2014

Rash of single wind turbines and solar farms creates more than ugliness, writes Martin Hesp.

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Bald eagles thriving, Golden eagles threatened.

It is so wonderful to read that Bald eagles are now thriving in Colorado, having made an amazing comeback that was once thought impossible. However, in the same article, we are made aware of the threats facing the Golden eagle population and how their numbers are dwindling; they just aren’t that resilient. 7 more words


Bearing Failures Cause Serious Problems for Wind Turbines — but There Are ...

Bearing Failures Cause Serious Problems for Wind Turbines — but There Are …
Case in point: Many gearbox failures result from grind tempering, an overheating of gears during… 27 more words