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Elvis Stopped by to see the Turbine Blade at the Lucille.

After hanging out at the Britten Leaning Water Tower,  I got on I-40 East, I suddenly had a change of plans again.  I always wanted to visit the… 703 more words


Offshore wind farm impact on marine life assessment needed: study

Offshore wind power is a valuable source of renewable energy that can help reduce carbon emissions. Technological advances are allowing higher capacity turbines to be installed in deeper water, but there is still much unknown about the effects on the environment. 46 more words

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The Good, the Bad and... Lesbians!

A lone, female ‘gunslinger’ wanders into a domestic abuse situation -and all hell breaks loose!!! In the tradition of Eastwood’s “man with no name”; Leone’s “spaghetti westerns”; and Peckinpaw’s epics… A new twist is brought to an old story: the Lesbian-Western is born!!!

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