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Taking Pictures with a DRAM Chip

This picture was taken by using a DRAM chip as an image sensor (translated). A decapped 64k DRAM chip was combined with optics that could focus an image onto the die. 191 more words

Digital Cameras Hacks

Belajar Bahasa Pemrograman Pascal

Pascal merupakan bahasa pemrograman yang cara penulisannya sangat dekat dengan cara penulisan algoritma structur english. Bagi yang sudah memahami algoritma, pascal akan sangat mudah untuk dimengerti. 169 more words

Turbo Pascal: My 1996 answer to Q: How can I reverse a TP .EXE or .TPU back into source code?

Wow, did I really wrote that 18 years ago?

Yes I did, and I was quoted in the (back then famous) FAQPAS3.TXT from (now Professor Emeritus) … 190 more words


Link clearance: history of Pascal / Object Pascal / Delphi Language / FreePacal / ...

This post lists a lot of links related to the history of Pascal / Object Pascal / Delphi Language / FreePascal / etc.

No mentioning of Pascal should start without Niklaus Wirth. 398 more words