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Turbocharger ABB TPS 52 E01 for sale

We source and supply used reconditioned turbochargers sourced directly from ship recycilig yards in India.

Presently available in stock Turbocharger ABB TPS 52 E01



My Opinion on Mitsubishi: The great car manufacturer of the nineties is not what it is today

If you were to go back in time to the early 90’s would would find some of the hottest import cars ever made. Mitsubishi was a very niche  maker in the US market. 420 more words


2015 New Products, New Management, New Competition: Turbotech.com.au

While we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome the challenges of 2015. The challenges in the Automotive industry will continue to flow on from General Motors, Toyota and Ford deciding to close their manufacturing in Australia. 193 more words


Turbotech's 2015 Transformation

Turbochargers for Australia: Turbotech.com.au

The past few years have been very competitive in Australia. Businesses are closing as they are unable to keep up with the rising costs and aggressive competition from Asia. 191 more words


Death of a Z20LET - Part One

It appears I killed a Holset!

During the removal of the engine we took the Turbocharger & Manifold off of the engine, it was then that I noticed ‘The rotor feels a little ropey’. 239 more words

Astra Coupe