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Review | Resistance by Samit Basu

Resistance by Samit Basu

289 pages, soft cover

Price: $14.95

“What would you do if you suddenly found yourself with super powers?”

It is a common question asked by comic book fans and less-nerdy folk alike, and it’s easy to see why. 672 more words

Book Review

Fear of Flying

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I used to be an anxious flyer.  Turns out you can’t be one of those to climb the corporate ladder. 394 more words

Death Will Surely Follow

in the dawn
the sun rose
the ocean warmed and glisten
the plains flourished and bloomed
orcas and dolphins danced and frolicked
buffaloes grazed and stallions raced in the wind… 241 more words



The Boeing 737 was late leaving Vancouver. Not very late – only about 15 minutes. De rigueur for many airlines, but not my beloved Alaska, who always seemed to shuttle me back and forth between L.A. 1,341 more words

Extra Dry Martini


I haven’t finished the watercolor from yesterday’s sketch yet.  There is so much turbulence: 1) my wife and I are in one room of a cousin’s house… 556 more words

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