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Karhide Colossus EP

We enjoyed the last EP from Karhide A.K.A. multi-instrumentalist Tim Waterfield“Rough Sleep” EP – it was full of kraken, slow moving, bass notes – a prog-rock omelette of fainted patters and spatters. 320 more words

Neil Mach


Holy cow. I hesitate to call this the best book I’ve read this year, but Zero Echo Shadow Prime will definitely fall into my best of the year list. 475 more words


Reddit Bots - Better and Better at Not Saying Much

Last week, a normal ol’ Reddit thread was hijacked by bots. While it’s not uncommon to hear two bots eerily have a conversation, it’s odd to see them compete for approval and supremacy. 303 more words


Cleverbot is cool. It excels at detecting unauthorized access to its API. I forked a project on github and fixed it up a little bit to allow us to get around that and interact with Cleverbot from Python. 72 more words


"Transcendence": 2-minute mini-feature

The director, writer, producer and stars of “Transcendence” talk here about the movie and the ideas behind it.  They all seem to think that uploading a human mind into a supercomputer is a serious possibility.   23 more words

Artificial Intelligence

GCR News Summary February 2014

            Google Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil said at a CIO Network conference that we will develop “human-level” artificial intelligence by the year 2029. Kurzweil—who argued in his book  136 more words


Artificial intelligence is what we can do that computers can't...yet

I think I’ve mentioned before that I listen to a number of different podcasts.  One of them is Writing Excuses, a podcast about writing science fiction.   849 more words