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There’s more to geek-chic than meets the eye, but not in The Imitation Game

World War Two was won not just with tanks, guns, and planes, but by a crack team of code-breakers led by the brilliant and ultimately tragic figure of Alan Turing. 1,062 more words


The Life of Alan Turing

The other night I watched Codebreaker, a documentary based on the life of mathematician, Alan Turing, widely considered to be the the father of computer science. 340 more words

But Maybe Robots Don't Need To Be Creative To Beat Us At Creativity

Just thought I’d make some additional points to the previous post. I recently made a rare venture out of my mountain cave to meet my bumbling genius of a friend, who spent a mere hour writing a computer algorithm that analysed a database of poems, calculated the probability that a certain word would be utilised after an initial word, applied this equation to every word in the database and used it to compose an original poem. 444 more words

Killing Braincells

Cyranautical Loyalty

Loyalty cards are loyalty simulators. The corporate entity wishes to retain your business, so it assesses your service to it quantitatively. The class, or achieved level in the loyalty system, triggers a specific script in workers for the corporation. 893 more words


New Artificial Intelligence Challenge Could Be the Next Turing Test

A recently released biopic of Alan Turing (“The Imitation Game”) tells the story of the British mathematician and cryptographer who built a machine to crack the German Enigma code during World War II. 496 more words


Mark at the Movies - 11/30/14

We talk “Hunger Games,” “Horrible Bosses 2,” “Penguins of Madagascar,” and “The Imitation Game.”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 18 more words


When Dinosaurs Are Creative, But Robots Might Not Be

A few months ago, the somewhat sensational news (but then again, what news isn’t sensational these days?) that a computer program had passed the legendary Turing test… 395 more words

Killing Braincells