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Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Alan Turing In The Trailer For 'The Imitation Game'

I am probably the last person on the entire internet who should writing about the upcoming Alan Turing biopic. You might be thinking “The entire internet?! 327 more words

Film Drunk

Benedict's Turing Is As Much An Enigma As The Code - Here's The First Trailer For The Imitation Game (2014)

I’ve always been a fan of stories about codes and code breakers, especially during wartime, and the lengths that both sides will go to to figure out what messages the other is sending. 306 more words


Artificial Intelligence: Hawking's Flaw

A couple of months ago, Stephen Hawking published an article warning about the possibility of the rise of sophistication in artificial intelligence might mean the machines could soon enslave us all. 1,977 more words


My Chat With Oscar Wilde

Have you tried out that new iPhone app called NstantAuthor®? I did just now. It allows you to have a conversation with your favorite dead author—or pretend to, anyway. 2,463 more words

Thinking About Story …

Our stories, our world: restating the problem

Let me return to one of my previous blog posts, namely The age of artificial idiots. In that blog post I shared my observation that when we talk about artificial life in popular media and art (I Robot, Terminator, The Matrix, Metropolis, Colossus …), the artificial life forms in question all too often possess human traits, and these life forms also happen to be either somewhat smart, or even hyper smart. 1,493 more words

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Do Feelings Compute? If Not, The Turing Test Doesn't Mean Much

But of course it’s one thing to be able to express emotions and another to really feel them. A lot of people maintain that that’s something computers simply can’t do. 81 more words


Alan Turing


Alan Turing is a brilliant British mathematician and one of the best scientists in the 20th century. He is the “Father of Modern Computer” and “Artificial Intelligence”. 979 more words