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The Unbearable Possibilities of Her

By Noelle Leslie dela Cruz

Spike Jonze’s Her (2013) features a thought experiment about consciousness, human or otherwise, and what it means to be a person. 1,632 more words

Movie Review

Adjudication and the Turing Test

Legal trials resemble the Turing Test in many ways. First, let’s restate the original version of the Turing Test and then compare this test to the process of adjudication. 674 more words


Turing Trials?

Is the current legal system broken or in need of repair? Instead of an endless number of motions, costly discovery, and randomly-selected jurors, why don’t we try… 75 more words


The future as the present with bits missing

By juicing the fruits, you lose all the fibers, and that’s what your body wants. That’s the important part. Otherwise, it’s just all sugar.

So where do you think that quote comes from?

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‘When will Machines Think?' Artificial Intelligence and Sentience

The exponential advance of technologies will soon provide technical answers quicker than they can be applied. We will be saturated in new technology & biotechnology which will be integrated into every aspect of our lives. 1,556 more words

Loebner Prize 2014

My talking computer program “Arckon” went to Exeter University and took the qualifying test for the Loebner Prize contest for artificial intelligence organised by the… 1,762 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Cleverbot - My Drunk Chatty Friend

For those of you who aren’t waiting with bated breath for the robot uprising (which I promise is any day now) here is your official update. 704 more words

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