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69 Days Of Thought On The Wall

Source: ‘Computing machinery and intelligence’ by Alan Turing, reprinted in Collected Works of Alan Turing, edited by J.L. Britton, Dc. Ince and P.T. Saunders (Elsevier, 1992) 94… 528 more words


The Turing Test

Over 60 years ago, Alan Turing (“a brilliant mathematician”) published a paper in which he suggested a practical alternative to the question “Can machines think?”. His suggestion took the form of a parlour game, in which a judge has a text-based conversation with both a computer and a human, and has to judge which is which. 1,002 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Ensayo sobre “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” [Turing]

Turing se muestra como un humano ambicioso y nos pregunta ¿las máquinas pueden pensar? Y no se queda en establecer la pregunta, además, se atreve a establecer una tesis descrita mediante un juego. 670 more words

“I don’t know what a ‘Scottish Monday’ is,” he called to the other room. I’m almost positive that’s what it says. The writing, the pictures, the book itself, all ancient and crumbling, a gift from generations upon generations ago. 349 more words


Loebner Prize 2013

My talking computer program “Arckon” took part in the qualifying test for the Loebner Prize contest for artificial intelligence. The idea behind the contest is that if a program’s answers are indistinguishable from a human’s, it suggests that it thinks like a human. 700 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Turing Test Extra Credit

I had been selected for my impartiality. I had been selected to test what may be one of the greatest achievements of mankind. I sat down at the blank computer monitor. 657 more words

When Humans Fail the Turing Test

During Turing tests at Bletchley Park, human judges are sometimes tricked into believing that they’re conversing with a real person, when in fact their dialogue partner is a software chatbot. 746 more words

Technology Of Virtual Agents