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Three Places To Hear That Gobble Gobble Sound (2011)

1. From a turkey.
2. From the folks eating at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
3. From inside your wallet.
We’ll spend 13 percent more- 8 more words


Reg's Turkish Delight - #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

I know I’ve only just got back from my travels in Spain but I’m off again.

This time, I’m in Turkey.

The Old Boy, Old Girl and Young’un have never been there, so I’ve brought them out for a visit. 244 more words


Memorable hot air balloon experience with unrealistic scenery. 유타와 풍경이 비슷하다. 아시아 사람이 정말 많은 곳. 터키에서 한국 식당이 가장 많았던 곳. 비 맞는 재미를 다시 느껴봤던 곳. 34 more words


FBI warns Media that ISIS affiliate plans to Kidnap Journalists

Reporters are now being warned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that extremists affiliated with the so-called Islamic State have been “tasked with kidnapping journalists,” according to the Washington Post. 440 more words

Richard Guerard


Five lazy days in Istanbul, early June 2014.

Colors and colors and colors. Carpets and cats everywhere, religious people, boats floating between Asia and Europe, hundreds of mosques, wonderful meat plates – the best marinated beef and lamb in my life -, beautiful sunsets, and more. 37 more words