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the day i saw old penises

when your mum comes to stay it’s always a good idea to make her feel really really uncomfortable. if you haven’t worn her out by making her queue for rejection at berghain or forced her to eat dinner past 7.30, then the turkish baths are always a safe bet. 178 more words


Turkey - Cappadocia

Although it was a very chilly 4am start, after getting to the take off point we knew the view was going to be worth it. Fitting 21 people, including the pilot, into the basket below the balloon was a tight fit but helped with the warmth at least! 363 more words


From Turkey To India - Via Scarborough

In 1859 an exotic building was erected on Scarborough’s Foreshore. The new Turkish Bathing House, also known as Bland’s Cliff Baths, was created to meet the growing demand for bathing treatments in the town, and was accessed directly from the sands of the… 897 more words

Budapest: Every Pig Has Its Day

“Something typically hungarian? Let me think… perhaps slaughtering pigs. Yes, slaughtering pigs.  My grandfather used to slaughter them in the winter. Haha…I still remember a couple crazy stories from back then. 796 more words


Before The World Of Holograms

The World of Holograms was an attraction located in the upstairs gallery at Corrigan’s Amusements (now Coney Island Amusements) in Scarborough. There is very little information about it – minimal evidence of its operation spans across the late 1980s and early 1990s, although exactly when and for how long it was open have yet to be uncovered by… 905 more words

Buds in the Pest

The train journey from Pilsen to Budapest was a gruelling ordeal.

To help pass the time, as we wound our way down into Hungary I regaled Tom and Ash with some of our travel stories. 277 more words

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