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Zucchini Series #2

Now it’s no joke any more. I haven’t been able to go grocery shopping for two weeks now because of the constant supply of zucchini. … 784 more words


Throwback: My Turkish Food Experience

My Turkish Food Experience on YouTube.

One of the many reasons I enjoyed my Turkey trip so much was the food! From pottery beef to kebabs to baklava. 57 more words


Best Way to Enjoy Ramadan in Istanbul

Ramadan bayram (holiday after finishing the fast) has started and this year will be longer, which is good news. This post was written on Tuesday but I get to post it just now. 1,175 more words

Turkish Cuisine

Sucuklu Kuru Fasulye: White beans with Turkish dried sausage

In my opinion, kuru fasulye is one of the greatest parts of Turkish cuisine. Whether you are at a fancy restaurant or an inexpensive point-and-shoot style lunch spot (…and sometimes even at gas stations…) you can find a delicious bowl of kuru fasulye. 354 more words


Yoğurtlu Semizotu: Purslane with yogurt

Widely known as a pesky garden weed, purslane is slowly becoming more popular as a food in America. In Turkey it has been a common household ingredient for a long time. 257 more words


Zucchini Series #1

 Today I want to talk a bit about Mr.O. He, who I mention on my blog, is the one who takes all the privileges of eating what I cook. 855 more words


Sucuklu Yumurta: Fried eggs with Turkish dried sausage

Sucuklu yumurta is a very simple breakfast dish that only requires two ingredients: eggs and sucuk.

Sucuk is a special Turkish dried sausage made with either beef or lamb and seasonings such as cumin, sumac, garlic, salt, and red pepper. 289 more words