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Whey soup/ Peynir suyu corba

Last weekend I made a gallon-of-milk worth of biberli lor!  This left me with about 10 cups of whey (the yellowish liquid remaining after cheese is made)!   285 more words

Recipes/ Tarifleri

A new beginning----Spicy Shop Tour

On Friday, 5th September, I attended the Spicy Shop Tour. The tour was the first time for me to attend the Get in Touch program. It was great for me! 396 more words

Living In Eindhoven

Turkish Food of the Week: Künefe

Turkish Food of the Week #5: Künefe

This week’s Turkish food is a popular dessert called, künefe (koo-neh-feh). Although I personally prefer baklava, I figured that most people already know what that is, so I’d like to introduce an… 187 more words


Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck NY- A Good & Cheap Lunch

Turkish Meze is a Turkish restaurant in Mamaroneck NY, right by the Metro North station. It serves standard fare middle eastern food such as falafel, humus, doner, gyro, and shish kebab. 144 more words


Day 2 & 3 - I'm Turkish & Filipino

What I missed the most during my college days were the cheap but delicious food that we used to eat near our school. Outside our gate, there are tons of… 1,195 more words


Day 185, 186 and 187: Antalya again

I’ve recovered well. With piles, oceans and galaxies of thanks to Bryan, I can now sit cross legged, walk without needing to lean on things or vomit, poo and pee normally, raise my foot off the ground and sleep painfree – I’ve got the flexibility and athleticism of a morbidly obese pirate. 615 more words

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Çesta Mantı

İstanbul, Türkiye’ye geldiğinizde mutlaka gitmeniz gereken bir kaç restorant var. Bunlardan biri Çesta Mantı’dır. Yöresinin tüm lezzetini bize tattırıyor. Çesta Mantı’nın en bilinen yemekleri çiğ börek ve Çesta mantısıdır. 240 more words

Çesta Mantı