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Turkish food you say? Delightful!

An essential part of travelling is food,  I love to eat and wherever I go I make it a point to try a variety of traditional plates. 420 more words


Eating my way through Izmir

By now you will know that I love markets. I also love eating. These two great loves are a perfect fit, and Turkey a perfect place to enjoy both in abundance. 365 more words


Beyaz Peynirli Sandviç: White cheese, cucumber, & tomato sandwich

Beyaz peynirli sandwiches serve the same purpose to Turkish people as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches serve to Americans. They can be made quickly with common household ingredients, and can suit almost everyone’s tastes. 207 more words


Ezine (Beyaz) Peyniri: White Cheese from Ezine

One of the most popular Turkish cheeses is beyaz peynir (literally, “white cheese”). The best beyaz peynir is made in the small town of Ezine… 319 more words


Summer in Turkey

I’ve decided to spend the rest of the summer season in Turkey.  This past spring and early summer have been filled with appointments, traveling for business, and other logistics that accompany starting a women’s clothing store.  113 more words


Sucuklu Kuru Fasulye: White beans with Turkish dried sausage

In my opinion, kuru fasulye is one of the greatest parts of Turkish cuisine. Whether you are at a fancy restaurant or an inexpensive point-and-shoot style lunch spot (…and sometimes even at gas stations…) you can find a delicious bowl of kuru fasulye. 354 more words


Ayran: Yogurt drink

Ayran is one of those things that you probably will not like when you first try it, and then after a few tries you suddenly become obsessed with it.  316 more words