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118 - The Awakening

My first experience of The Awakening was when my dad bought it in a VHS double set paired with Frontios. I think it is fair to say that I hated both. 350 more words

121 - Terminus

This story is infamously remembered for the moment when Nyssa decided to take her clothes off for no readily apparent reason. For those wondering how this escaped the watershed, I should perhaps point out that she was still wearing an underlayer that by present standards is moderately modest, but it says a lot about the rest of the serial that this is the talking point most fans take away. 395 more words

123 - Warriors of the Deep

Fans of the fifth Doctor please look away – the next three posts all feature your favourite Doctor!

Which is strange, because Davison used to be one of my favourite Doctors – quite possibly because of his cricketing persona. 408 more words

124 - The King's Demons

I promised that the reviews would be less negative very quickly – and behold I keep my promise! When I finally watched the King’s Demons I was very pleasantly surprised by the story, having read dire warnings against it on fan sites. 410 more words


TARDIS Coordinates: October 1999

Junior Ensign Commander Vislor Turlough drops by the

Fifth Doctor