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Jesus Gets A Little Sassy

The first time I fell in love with biblical studies was in my New Testament class in college, freshman year, when we were talking about Jesus and his conversation about revenge (i.e. 673 more words

When turning the other cheek doesn't work

It took me a really long time to understand Jesus’ teaching about turning the other cheek. But on the day that I did, I gained a whole new perspective on how Christians should respond to oppressive laws, acts of injustice and also when violent, physical retaliation in the form of war, is appropriate. 664 more words

Camille Isaacs Morell

Dig Another Well

In parashah Toldot, we have a three-part story of the interactions between Isaac and Abimelech the king of the Philistines. In the first act, Isaac follows his father’s footsteps in suggesting that Rivkah pretend that she is his sister when in the presence of a foreign power. 2,474 more words


Rainy Day Thoughts

It’s a rainy morning in the Northeast, the kind of dark day that seems to warrant climbing back into bed for awhile in order to get up the energy to face what awaits…If that weren’t challenge enough, Jesus has some tough words today that have the same effect on me as the weather (LK 6:27-38)! 249 more words

More junk in the cellar

Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 5 verses 27 to the end.

This time the junk is to do with sexual desire, intemperate language and retaliation. There’s nothing I can add to my previous blog post on the basic principles of dealing with the mental junk that gets in the way of loving other people and ourselves. 204 more words


Jesus: Responding to Violence

Was Jesus a pacifist? Does he expect his followers to be pacifists? Is it right to defend ourselves, or our loved ones, from violent attack? Is non-violent protest the only way to change the world? 1,848 more words

Kingdom Of God

Is It Over?

It seems as though the world is falling apart all around us. From Israel to the Ukraine to Iraq/Syria to Ferguson, MO to our leaders in Washington to the IRS scandal to the VA hospital debacle to our national debt, lack of jobs and on and on. 257 more words