Great Article on Turner Syndrome

For those surfing the web for anything and everything they can find on Turner Syndrome, here’s an interesting article:

Women with Turner Syndrome tell their stories… 52 more words

Another Contemplation Night

Living far away from your own “nest” won’t be easy,
You have a lot to think about and to take care (especially your self) and it also means you have to deal with a lot of contemplation moments, like the one I had just a few days ago. 782 more words

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Abnormal Result

Well, she doesn’t have Turner syndrome. Received a detailed report from the Pediatric Subspecialist Tuesday late afternoon.

The results of her routine chromosome analysis indicate that she has mosaicism for partial trisomy of chromosome 18q (as well as partial monosomy of the tip of 18p). 480 more words

Bicuspid Aortic Valve


So, I don’t think I’ve talked about the fact that 98-99% of all TS pregnancies don’t make it. That’s crazy, and obviously makes me sad because I look at all my friends and what amazing people they are, and that makes me think about how some families don’t get to see that. 128 more words

Turner Syndrome