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A quick way to know if you have enough love in your life.

Love is such funny thing.

Our lives have seasons of rain and drought. Do you know what causes those spells of abundant love or depressing loneliness?  519 more words


On The Cusp of 30

Thank you so much for all your warm wishes on Stephen’s return. It’s been crazy and wonderful and so different (in the best way possible) having him home. 593 more words

The Usual

The spiritual side of self-sabotage.

What happens when you get halfway to meeting a goal? Not a goal set by someone else, like completing a work project. A goal you set for yourself outside of any obligations or commitments to anyone else. 238 more words



I had always thought that by this age things would be a lot more settled in life; that I’d have a good income, somewhere to live with the one I loved and possibly a mini me or two. 1,169 more words

Fashion Bites

Love the girl

So this is the first post… Hmm…

I don’t have a mission statement at this point. I just know that I’ve had a handful of conversations recently about loving myself as much as I love other people and my cats. 842 more words

Is it easy to be 30?

Does life get more easy with each passing year, with each lesson earned, with each step toward financial and material security?

Or will life grow more challenging as responsibilities and challenges like raising children, caring for a home, and faltering health set it? 181 more words


Post-Traumatic Turning-Thirty Disorder (PTTTD)

It was an unusually humid night in June as we circled the streets through my neighborhood and my hair was the size of Wisconsin. But probably for the first time in my life, that wasn’t what I was concerned about. 727 more words