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So This is 30

So This is 30

Repeated Phrases Throughout my 29th Year:

“Just go for it!” “It never gets easy!” “It’s time to grow up Ash!” “You’re a grown ass woman, figure it out!” “There’s never enough time for anything.” “Just be yourself.” 369 more words

Turning 30

Turning 30 is THE WORST

Today I say a fond farewell to my twenties. I’ve come across a lot of posts about turning 30 over the past few years, most of them saccharine, trumpet-blowing articles about how you’re more ‘together’ etc, bleurgh. 980 more words


Turning 30: December Edition

While a lot of people make the “30 Before 30” list, I never made one. I have a bucket list that I feel is sufficient and don’t need to add yet another To-Do List to my life. 515 more words

Blog Series

thoughts on THIRTY

Today, I am THIRTY!

I know for a lot of folks, this is a big milestone birthday, possibly even a thing to dread or skip entirely in favor of being 29 forever, but to me, it’s just a reason to celebrate. 468 more words


A New Decade

On Monday, I officially said goodbye to my 20’s and celebrated a milestone 30th birthday. It almost didn’t feel like my birthday because I’ve been so focused these past few months on preparing for Jaylen’s first birthday (which is tomorrow) that 30 kind of snuck up on me. 468 more words


Age Ain't Nothing But a Number

Day 5: December 10, 2014

My headshot at age 19 (left) and age 28 (right)

I am sitting at a little French wine bar right off of Washington Square. 1,256 more words

Lessons From 2014

Earlier this week, I spotted a post over on the lovely Pouting in Heels blog about her reflections on 2014, along with a call for fellow bloggers to share what’s been happening in their world as part of the All About You link party. 1,020 more words