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30 in 30: Day 18 -- Mellow Mango

Day 18: Mellow Mango (FroYo, or sorbet for the dairy-free among us)

Yummy, yummy, in our tummies! A simple 90 minutes with some of my closest friends is a blast – this is how a girl knows she’s got it good. 302 more words


By the Time I Turn 30...

by K.M. Zahrt

At age 20 and in the early twenties, age 30 is inconceivable, a future so abstract it’s hard to envision. Mid-twenties are close enough to college-age that many of your peers are either still taking classes, just finishing their schooling, or in graduate school. 755 more words

K.M. Zahrt

Hanging out in the middle of the sky (and raising a ton of money!)

On the 31st August, I finally bit the bullet and completed the most terrifying thing on my list. After a restless night, some supportive (and some not so supportive) messages, a sense of humour failure and a good brain rack of ways to get out of it, I was at the airfield and more than a little bit anxious with no option but to grit my teeth and get in the plane. 441 more words


Turning 30!

So, this week i turned 30! I really struggled with it as I’ve always felt i haven’t done enough in my life for someone who is 30 years old. 313 more words

We cried at 30

“I don’t want to lose my twenties!” my friend cried out while tears were streaming down her face. It was a couple of minutes before midnight and we were waiting for the big bang. 591 more words

Simply Life

What Happens When You Turn 30?

Extended in their chairs, ice clinking as their wrists gently swirled their drinks, I noted that two of my male friends were more relaxed than I had ever seen them. 1,196 more words

slices abroad_{ a series about my getting over myself} post 1

The most nagging excuse for my NOT starting a blog, three years ago now,  wait, make that four years ago, was that it seemed so narcissistic. 1,225 more words

One Thousand Gifts