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post. thirty six. (or loss, longing, and love [part three]).

As mentioned previously, a bunch of stuff happened last week and as a result I thought things about said stuff. Accordingly I now have a… 454 more words


Bomar's 30th Birthday

Happy, wet, snowy, Monday if you are in the D.C. area or in the Northeast! For all of you in the Northeast, in particular, please stay safe and warm as the alleged blizzard slowly makes its way to you. 234 more words

Life In DC


So turning 30 wasn’t quite as awful as my 29 year old self believed. 354 more words


30 Lessons from 30 Years: Part 2 - Lessons on Health

My past 30 years have been extremely blessed health-wise.  Yes, I’ve had my issues, but whenever I stop to think about how much worse it… 996 more words

30 Things You Should Be Doing By The Time You're 30

You’re allowed to be a hot mess in your twenties. However, you might want to clean your act up — at least a little bit — when you hit the big 3-0. 82 more words


I turned 30...yeah big deal

Last year I turned 30, now my friends and people I know seemed to make a big fuss out of this when they did and tried to do the same to me. 512 more words


Petty Woman: On Growing Back Together After Growing Apart

Petty Woman…walkin’ down the street, Petty Woman…oh wait, that was me.

In my experience, there is a phase with women friends, particularly sorority girls, that around the time you graduate college you start “growing apart” from people who challenge you. 713 more words