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About Me....

I had a relationship bomb explode about a month ago, literally came out of nowhere, planted along my happy little path, waiting to be stepped on. 192 more words


The Marrying Kind

Sometimes the “one” is not necessarily the person you have the deepest connection with or the person most attractive to you. Sometimes the “one” assumes the role because it is the right time and circumstance. 158 more words

Who Knew 30 Could Feel So Good

 I recently celebrated a milestone birthday. I turned 30! It was a birthday that I was not really looking forward to but I was not cowering away from either. 525 more words


Marsh-mallo anyone?



Late but not forgotten! On this wonderful day I present you with: THE MALLO CUP

Perhaps the word “mallo” should have clued me into the deceptive creamy center that would await me but like using  233 more words

Turning 30


Is it a universal for women to never feel like they are doing enough? Or is it just a feeling that some are blessed with? Is it something we develop? 846 more words

Livin' the dream...

Anyone who knows me knows that my dream is to own a mustang when I “grow up”. It has been a dream since I was eight years old. 94 more words

Bucket List

Months Shy of 30

As of today I am a little less than four months shy of 30. While I would like to pretend that this thought does not scare me in spite of all the advice I have been given about it, it does. 519 more words