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Birthday musings

I love birthdays. They’re like facials for the soul. After one, I always feel refreshed, pampered and a little raw. All that attention and love packed into 16 hours somehow peels back a few layers, exposing me to a world that’s warmer and fuzzier than I thought. 69 more words

Personal Growth

On Turning 30

Summer hiatus! It’s a thing. Especially as the beginning of my last fall semester of grad school rapidly approaches. A little brain R&R was called for! 709 more words


Turning 30

This Monday I completed 3 whole decades on this planet!!! And unlike previous birthdays, this time I was actually sooper excited about turning a year older. 775 more words


The Ex and Facebook

Today was a pretty chill day with the exception of my ex deciding to randomly message me on Facebook after two years of not speaking with or seeing each other. 195 more words

It All Ends Eventually: Turning 30 & A Year of Travel

I wanted to write something profound when I turned thirty. A Joan Didion – esq kind of thing about the end of it all and what it all meant. 923 more words

On getting older

When I was 29, I wrote what amounts to a blog post about getting older. Except I didn’t know what blogging was at that time, so I just typed it up on the computer and saved it. 492 more words

...and now I'm 30!

A bit of an update while I wait for my motivation to return at work.

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but I somehow lost 4kg (9lb) in July. 379 more words