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what is beauty?

What is beauty? When it comes to nature as in flora and fauna, it’s easy to point out a beautiful bird or a flower. But when it comes to humans, can it be said it is not only more subjective, but societally subjective? 1,165 more words


Turning 50 but not yet

Nearly 2 years ago the year of Jane started and we celebrated her half century by doing lots of things that she would like, so being the younger half of our relationship I can’t hide from this fate forever, indeed so keen to turn 50 I have started practicing already. 207 more words


FITx50 \ week 13

Did I Do That?

The Warrior Dash is in the books, and I’m super energized with motivation and memories. While it wasn’t the most physically challenging┬áthing I’ve accomplished, it was one of the most enjoyable. 175 more words


A clear call

I wish that my call was clearer, as in, I wish that I knew what my call actually is.

Sunday is the day that many of my fellows are robing-up and giving the sermon. 470 more words


FITx50 \ week 12 - SPECIAL EDITION

Warrior Dash DASHED

Fitness Benchmark #1 has been met.

This weekend was the Warrior Dash in St. Francisville, La. Our team of Cops-n-Kilts sponsored by… 286 more words

The Blue Blitz

an essay worth reading

Someone had the essay below from Vogue posted on their Facebook timeline. In addition to the fact that it is a beautifully written piece that literally makes you feel you are with the writer in his journey from city dweller to his now Woodstock, NY home, I get the whole move-to-the-country thing and how it fits me personally. 773 more words

Chester County

FITx50 \ week 11

Gotta get up to get down

That’s this week’s theme. I’ve been faithfully training for my first fitness benchmark – October 11th’s Warrior Dash. Crossfit 5x/week along with running and cycling. 305 more words