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Dr. David Jeremiah: King of Mailing List Abuse

“Please, make it stop; make it go away…”

I have no doctrinal issues with David Jeremiah. Although his radio and television programs are not broadcast at times I can listen or watch, as far as I know he is very mainstream Evangelical. 612 more words

Now I cannot wait to get out of Berlin

Now I cannot wait to get out of Berlin. I want to rush to get back to Brussels as fast as I can. Maybe this will be a turning point in my life and from now on I will not waste any more money on travelling, on being a slut and a lush. 39 more words

ICYMI: #NFLTurningPoint presents the 2014 NFC Championship - Seahawks comeback on Packers

In Case You Missed It: Here are all four segments from the Seahawks Championship Game comeback win over the Packers, as presented on NFL Turning Point.   34 more words


By the click of a lock

It is a moment of reckoning, and retrospect, to be frank I mean it is nature—and why should I not admit this, I have occasionally wondered to myself how things might have turned out in the long run… I can only speculate this now because in the light of subsequent events it could be well argued that in making my decision… I was not entirely aware of the full implication of what I was doing. 622 more words

Short Story


Because during the 20th century alone, 262 million people were killed by governments alone out of the 262 million people 206 million were killed by socialism/communism, 50  million were killed by fascism alone. 31 more words


‘Blackouts the right thing to do’ – Eskom CEO. Why is South Africa struggling to get a handle on this critical matter? I am curious to see how the population will react to these blackouts

Scheduled blackouts were the “right thing” to do, Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona said on Thursday.

“We have arrived at a turning point where can either continue to do the same things of the past… or we can do the right thing… to get us out of this difficult situation,” he told reporters in Johannesburg. 137 more words

January 2015

The Turning Point

I saw the ledge
I gripped its edge.
…could I fly at all?

I have no safety vest
for this courage test.
…this cliff is very tall… 23 more words

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