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Starting Point... coming soon


So the Turning Point series is finally coming full circle.

Matthew Elliott is starting over. His life has changed, and even though he went through hell – taking everyone with him – he’s a better man for it. 482 more words

Turning Point


Hello Value Carrier,

They were good people going about their businesses, living their lives and hoping for a better tomorrow.

And suddenly the life they cherished so much was taken away from them, throwing their families into a state of questioning God and asking Why? 165 more words


It helps to give a name
to your feelings.
I realized mine was
It is well after midnight.
I went out to the store late… 174 more words


1999 Topps #337 John Burkett

That uncomfortable look on John Burkett’s face followed an awkward swing in the top of the fifth inning on June 27, 1998, a swing that may very well have been the turning point of the game. 205 more words

Name That Date

What all our goals lack?

So you set yourself a new goal? Anxious to lose those ten pounds, maybe you want to start a blog or save money for your dream vacation? 405 more words