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Crossing the Arc of Time

Today is an exceedingly busy day. My calendar is filled from early morning until late tonight with conference calls that bridge too many time zones. On top of that there are new documents waiting to be written, and others demanding to be completed and sent. 279 more words


Kat: Turning Points

I suspect that if you ask each of the 8Ladies what writing concept they find most challenging to apply to their story, you’ll get at least five difference answers. 522 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

A "Form-Fitting" Knidos Labyrinth

Sometimes you will get a diamond-shaped, empty element in the middle part of a Knidos labyrinth which is formed normally by a cross. This happens when all the paths have the same width and the walls are aligned to them.  380 more words


Finding Your Turning Points

It was the only thing I really asked of myself.

My only aim last year was to have more Super Soul Sunday moments.

I knew for a fact that my environment wasn’t going to change and I knew the people around me were set in their ways as well, so I realized I had to do something different, something that would change the blueprints of my life, something that would keep my Happiness Project running, and more Super Soul Sunday Moments seemed like a pretty good idea. 577 more words


Never overlook the cliche of a sunset (or sunrise)

I have been collating my pictures from our annual Cape summer outing. As a result, I’ve been looking at a lot of sunset pictures lately, mainly because in learning my camera’s manual mode, I tend to take the same shot with different settings to see what I like. 554 more words

The Universe & Personal Musings

The Leap

Two days ago, I left my very good job at Google (details about this perceived insanity in a future post).

Today, I embark on a short detour from the everyday that will quite literally take me around the globe.   40 more words