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Exorcising Writing How-to Advice

Last week, I wrote about leaving the writing message boards because my writing was getting polluted by a lot of the nonsense advice being passed around.  456 more words


Down the Rabbit Hole

I guess you could call me Alice this last couple of weeks. I’ve been on a bit of side mission.

*Laughs at silly video game reference! 487 more words


Dr. Abdul Kalam - Turning Points

I reviewed this book as much as a year ago on Goodreads but missed blogging about it. So here it is.

As I was returning to my room in the evening, the vice-chancellor, …

468 more words
Asha's Book Reviews

Going Beyond Resistance

As we face the prospect of another war in the middle east, acknowledging the bombings that have already happened there for weeks, and now are recognized officially as they will be continuing indefinitely, where do you feel resistance? 1,291 more words

Living With Awareness

Michille: Turning Points

A turning point is a defining moment in a story. The names for the turning points vary, but the ones I used in the McD program, and continue to use, are Inciting Event (or Incident), Change of Plans, Point of No Return, Crisis (or Dark Moment), and Climax. 351 more words

Writing Process

America at the tipping point, Part 1

Editor’s note: Chuck Norris’ weekly political column debuts each Monday in WND and is then syndicated by Creators News Service for publication elsewhere. His column in WND often runs hundreds of words longer than the subsequent release to other media. 46 more words