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The days moved strangely. Tethered to home by the need to be nearby for Mosby I found myself not only cleaning but cleaning out. Mindful that each day was a step closer to the time of parting awareness of the impermanence of life became foremost in my mind. 440 more words

20th Sunday in OT: Turning Points

The gospel of the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time presents us with another miracle, the healing of the daughter of the Canaanite woman. The text offers several options for the preacher. 581 more words

The 'little voices'

        My mentor from whom i draw a lot of inspiration tells me that the truth crushed against the hardest of stones will rise again.And sincere words given at the most conflicting times will serve its intended purpose.I am a student of life and like Plato and Socrates i would love to live my life as a wise student.Many people who have enrolled as students in the faculty of life have learnt that there are times they would want to cheat or lie to others but in the process have found it impossible to lie to these 3:God,Satan and Themselves. 446 more words

Turning Points

Teaser Tuesday: Turning Points

After the conference this past weekend, I’ve been knee-deep in revisions to tighten up my manuscript. The process of splitting my book in two has been challenging. 185 more words


Turning Points in Life

Suddenly — we were moving. In all other times of my life, moving made sense. We got married, moved. We got new jobs, moved. This time, we were settled — no move necessary. 436 more words


Nancy: Fix This Damn Scene!

This past week, I had an opportunity (READ: no choice but) to go back to some of our McDaniel program basics to fix a scene that had gone off the rails. 930 more words


Pleasure Without Conscience

One of the greatest souls to have graced this earth and is considered the father of his country through his doctrine of non-violent protest that saw his country achieve political and social progress… 565 more words

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