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Turnip greens (with sausage or turkey)

Im not a huge fan of bacon but most traditional greens calls for bacon so i thought id try out greens with chicken sausage and like it so much i did greens with ground turkey the next night. 227 more words

Vegetables Are Glorious

Veg food again

All right , by now I am assuming that my posts on healthy and beg food have become boorish. I am harping the same thing again and again. 167 more words

Greens ! Yay !

I like green as a color. Not only the trees but also my green color of my Reebok t shirt :) . And once in a while I like green color on my plate as well. 229 more words

What do I have in my plate today?

To begin with, last two days have been horrible for me in terms of food. Night of day before yesterday, I came home late quite late from office and had no energy to cook anything. 256 more words

Spicy Garlic & Ginger Greens

Adapted from Spicy Mustard Greens in Fast, Fresh & Green by Suzie Middleton

Kosher Salt

1 Lb Greens (Turnip and Beet Greens) washed, stem removed, and ripped into bite sized pieces… 280 more words