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Food Memory: Kushmagudi

     As the cold weather holidays roll in, I look forward to family food traditions. Going into Thanksgiving week and celebrations in Birmingham with my family, food memory kicks in bigtime. 772 more words


Thanksgiving Vegetables: Greens or Rutabaga

As I am planning our Thanksgiving meal, I have been contemplating what type of vegetables I will serve.  I think the vegetables on this special day are overshadowed with the Turkey, Dressing, Yams and of course, dessert.   338 more words

Moonmooring Grub, Fall Lunch

Today found us eating the last of Fall tomatoes by way of Mary Badiny and her marvelous garden. My tomatoes went belly up quite a while back – the heat, lack of rain, and a sudden infestation of tomato hornworms convinced me to let it go. 181 more words


Winter Greens

Greens have finally begun to crop up in truck stands here in the lower South, and it’s about damn time, too.  Stewed greens have long been a staple of the Southern diet; during her leanest days in Atlanta after the war, when she was struggling to choke down the tough old rooster Uncle Henry had managed to bring to the table at Aunt Pittypat’s, Scarlett reminisced about the sumptuous antebellum meals at Tara that included a tureen of greens in pot likker. 584 more words


My Love Affair with Rapini

No, I am not two-timing my husband with an Italian… Rapini is one of the true vegetable loves of my life, and might become yours too! 784 more words

About Ingredients & Methods

PotLicker Soup

Also known as potlikker, pot likker, or pot liquor soup.   This is a southern soup that uses the leftover broth from a pot of collard, mustard, or turnip greens.   262 more words

Gluten Free