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When Kentaro does commercials...

Whether you like turntablism or not, this is just a sample of what a DMC winner can do. Of course it’s all about technic, but do not worry he masters every single side of his art.

B-Tips - Dwight School Video DJ Demo 2014

I prepared this 20 minute performance for an assembly of 700 6th-12th graders, their parents, and the school administrators in Manhattan this Winter. My goal was to change their perceptions of what a DJ set was. 134 more words

Colin Webster & Graham Dunning - Tweeze

Improv duo Colin Webster (sax) and Graham Dunning (turntables) with a track from their ‘Estigate’ album on the Linear Obsessional label; released this year.
These two read each other so well, and seeing them live is where you can really get a feel for that. 64 more words


Changing times, Changing equiptment.


From the beginning of DJing and mixing. The evolution of equipment has molded mixing techniques and DJing alike. During the early days after World War 2 when radio DJ’s became popular. 612 more words


mixing styles?

Once upon a time there were two types of DJ who never heard of a sync button!. DJ’A’ who mixed records Seamlessly from one end of his set to the other and DJ’B’ who frantically chopped, scratched and beat juggled his records in a cut and paste style from his first beat to his last. 593 more words


The History of Mixing and the Dj

In the 1950’s a top DJ was a radio guru like person who captivated his listeners with a mix of his personality and all the newest and hippest song of the time. 824 more words


Rolling to a Repeat

Isle turntablists repeat as world champions

By Shawn “Speedy” Lopes

It took the Nocturnal Sound Krew four flights, more than a day’s worth of traveling and countless hours of preparation to prove the impossible. 797 more words