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Fossil Friday 12/19/14: A turtle

This Fossil Friday I would like to introduce you to Rhinoclemmys panamaensis. This specimen was collected from the Cucaracha Formation under the Centenario Bridge and is early to middle Miocene in age. 119 more words


Do Marine turtles suffer from Decompression Sickness ("the bends")?

A new study carried out by an International team has recorded decompression sickness in marine reptiles for the first time in the wild – in the loggerhead turtle ( 741 more words


Day 5: Sea World

Hello to sunshine in San Diego! We have traveled down south to San Diego, and have enjoyed the warm winter today. Seriously, it is so warm here compared to Columbus, OH. 476 more words


Turtle Cannon

Name: Turtle Cannon

Powers: Cannon shot

Attack Points: 2,000

Defense Points: 2,000

Card Type: Attack

Creator: Clark

Attack Card

#TMNT ... Not bad... yet disappointing...

I do not go to the theaters to watch movies… I think it is a waste of money for a one time viewing. So I wait for the DVD/BluRay/Digital release. 93 more words