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An Ode to the Brown Bathroom

I spent the weekend at my childhood house, in what will likely be my last trip to my parents’ home.

In that same home where the eight of us kids grew up (well, at least most of us have “grown up”), we all reunited for this one final visit. 644 more words

The Family Stein

Tut, Tut (Time Warp Trio #6), by John Scieszka

Pictured: me in Egypt, 2001. I feel fortunate to have visited this fascinating country. Here are some things I learned: camels grunt and their backs are higher than horses; even if you are not ordinarily a fan of orange soda, after you have been tramping around in the dessert all day, nothing will taste better than an orange Fanta; when the sun shines through the water in the Red Sea, it makes the goldfish really sparkly and beautiful… Okay, so I did not become very advanced in Egyptology… 328 more words

Book Reviews

Waiter, I'd like to send this theory back, it's stringy

Welcome back to George vs the Listener Crossword, every week, well most weeks bringing you the best in so-so solving and bad jokes.  So what do we have this time around… Tut!   457 more words

Invite Your Fear to Tea

I thought this note from the Universe  was poignant this week, given that compassion and kindness toward blunders of the past seems to be the recent theme around here. 112 more words