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Korean calligraphy

Korean calligraphy is an art of writing Hangul and Hanja. Unlike Western calligraphy, which is written with a rigid instrument, traditional Korean calligraphy is created with a soft and flexible brush. 3,075 more words


Camping Make-up Routine

This is the makeup routine I was talking about in my last blog My School Holidays. This is for if your someone who, for whatever reason, like to wear makeup will your camping. 473 more words


6 Simple Steps to prep your Skin for Makeup

It seems to be a lot work , but it really pays of to get the flawless makeup result.
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The Update Loop, Input and You!

This tutorial will cover the basic game loop and handling keyboard inputs.

Start Your Engines!

Creating the Update function is identical to the Render function from… 173 more words


Day 28 - Seasoning Cast Iron (A How To from Alex)

Hello Yearlings!

Today I was stumped for something to for the blog, so I decided to turn to my boyfriend for some advice. I think that he might have been Amish in a past life, because he as a sense of pragmatism that has been bred into his bones. 404 more words

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JSP Expression

Syntax :

<%= %>

XML Syntax


The Java expression is evaluated, converted to a string, and inserted in the page
predefined variables that you can use… 72 more words