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The worst pictorial ever! Featuring a real camera!

So my mom is letting me use her camera (Nikon Coolpix) for pictures of my makeup :) But it has some focus issues (like me HAHAHAHA amirite?) and this was, like the rest of my life, a struggle. 190 more words

Crypt of the Damned - a Soul Shattering Tutorial Part II

The undead were diligent and not only completed a degree in interior design, but also branched out into botanics! In Part I of this tutorial we created the basic layout of the Crypt of the Damned module consisting of the rock walls, rough-hewn stone and dirt floor. 1,598 more words

Dungeon Crawl

How-To: Clean Your iPhone 5 Charging Port

Note – These following methods are perfectly safe and should not cause damage to your iPhone. I have carried out this cleaning job countless times before. 390 more words


Sew Along #8 - Finishing up

So how did everyone get on making the real deal? Any problems with fit?

I made a few changes to mine, adding in some pink to break up the mad pattern. 119 more words

How To Create Coloured Eyelashes

A quick and simple tutorial on how to make coloured eyelashes! 


Natural Dyeing of Eggs

Friends in town invited us for a natural egg dyeing date today. It was a new method to me and the results are beautiful! In years past we have water colour painted, drawn upon, dyed in stockings with onion skin and parsley, wax crayoned and dyed and more. 755 more words