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Today's Tutorial: Rule of Thirds

Read the article: Rule of Thirds

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1. What is the rule of thirds? 23 more words


Create "Table of Contents" in just a few clicks.

Whether you are a school going student, a college goer or even a professional – you would have had to make a report sometime or the other. 328 more words


How to make yourself sleep

We all know that a hot, milky drink and a warm bath are supposed to relax you before bed, but many of us still can’t slip into slumber.Ten million prescriptions for sleeping pills are written every year in England alone and a survey by Crampex has found that 86% of us suffer from sleep disturbance.But you can sure trick yourself to sleep by trying these expert natural tips… 881 more words

How To

Mario Kart 8 Mushroom Cup Guide

Here’s a quick guide to the tracks of the Mushroom Cup for Mario Kart 8


Crochet Graph Cushion - Tutorial

I’ve long had a fascination with mathematical ‘shapes’ and I had an idea a while ago that I’d love to represent something mathematical in crochet (which I find follows so many of the same mathematical rules).   1,200 more words


Welcome, L3 Newbies, to CELSA… and the CRIL

Every September for most of the past decade has me wondering what my new Licence 3 students at CELSA will be like.  I imagine them — or you — too, wondering what English classes will be like here.   470 more words


Natasha's Hoodie Pencil Case

Check out this brilliant little zippered sweatshirt upcycle from Natasha of Jumping Birds (via Kollabora):