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DIY Leather Cuff Bracelet

Turn a thrift store belt into a custom leather cuff bracelet following this handy tutorial from SITSgirls!


First wobbly post!

Hello people of the internet!

Welcome to the first wobbly post! I thought I would make a short but sweet post, letting you know what this space is about! 94 more words


How to hang a skateboard in 3 ways

So you’ve turned your skate deck into a veritable work of art and you wanna hang it on your wall… how do you do this? Here’s my handy guide, starting with the cheapest and quickest method to the more professional approaches. 604 more words


Crecent: Entertainment Technology Experts

Hi Fans, this is a short tutorial on making a fast but stylish logo/letterhead. It doesn’t contain too much graphic works however, it is short, sharp, simple and straight to the point. 830 more words



Ето че дойде време за следващия пост.. Днес по обяд ми се пишеше доста, щото и се бях разлигавил, после обаче ми се доспа и се отказах да пиша.


Tech Writers

As part of our Media Production course here at USM, I asked my students to critique a website, a application on their Mac, an app that they used on their smartphone or a piece of hardware. 646 more words

Parenting In The Digital Age