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Big picture concepts- otherwise known as "themes" & testing

Discussing Literacy is a good idea, but I know at least one reader would question what type of Literacy was the main point- Literacy as a broad concept encompasses so many areas- the top athlete in one field may be able to identify pictures of his competitors and all the others from generations earlier who helped develop the sport- yet be unable to read and decipher print. 834 more words


the perfect job: life after academe

If you’re leaving academe feeling despair because you’ve missed out on the “perfect job,” never fear. Of course you know this, but I’ll tell you anyway: there is no perfect job. 1,683 more words

Teaching American Literature!

Miss Michele is covering American Literature with Mason, an 11th grader from ASD! Mason is working on a project relating to Gwendolyn Brooks, a Pulitzer prize winning African-American poet!


The Forget Kale or Chipotle Peppers-the Best Way to Learn English Quickly is Reading Method

By Jay Busse, Kaplan University Writing Center

My ELL students frequently ask, “What is the fastest way to learn English?” I believe that, for ELL college students, the number one way to improve English is through… 443 more words

Online Writing Instruction

Work to Your Strengths

The past couple of days I have spoken about Affiliate Marketing opportunities. Maybe you don’t have any interest in doing affiliate marketing. Maybe you don’t feel that this is your strength. 447 more words

Call Optiminds for Credit Recovery Programs for Students

If your student has failed courses because of poor grades or absenteeism or dropped out of school, there is hope for getting them back on track. 132 more words


Late Night Lunacy

So I am standing late at night waiting for the bus with a bunch of IGCSE English papers. Hold on, I am in college so what am I doing with these? 293 more words