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3, 2, 1, Transaction! Web Video will increase your business

Web Video has emerged as an increasingly powerful tool for businesses building an online presence—and you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to get rolling. 283 more words


Personalised Ads Herald New Era in TV Advertising

Trend Summary: Heralding a new era in TV advertising, Coca-Cola UK has teamed with Britain’s Channel 4 to broadcast digital TV ads personalised to individual viewers. 60 more words


Madison Avenue Tries Longer Ads To Thwart Short Attention Spans

Americans will spend anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour watching a TV drama like “24” or “The Good Wife,” but just seconds scanning any of the tens of commercials that support those shows. 933 more words


The Importance of Repetition

Whether it’s from a parent or business, no matter the message, if it is not repeated continuously it will go unheard. This fact about consumers, though frustrating, doesn’t need to cause concern for your business or budget. 474 more words

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Finding the Right Colors for Your TV Advertising

Any TV commercial production is going to involve the use of color whether it’s in the clothes people wear, the products being shown, or the graphics displaying your business’s information. 463 more words

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Knowing Whether Your Business Needs a TV Commercial or Infomercial

When looking into TV advertising for your business it’s important to know the differences between the options. TV commercial production and infomercial production are two valuable and powerful means of marketing that any business can benefit from but each one has a specific goal in mind that it is able to attain that the other simply isn’t designed for. 454 more words

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TV Advertising Can Combat Common Business Issues


Just like our psychological hold ups affect our personal relationships in everyday life, they affect our business relationships. Whether it is with business contacts or customers, the psychology of interpersonal relationships work very similarly to your personal life and if you are struggling with some common communication problems, they can be negatively affecting your business.  460 more words

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