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Sometimes I don't understand people

I posted the other day about an unfortunate event in the Great British bake-Off, an unfortunate event of less than world-shattering importance, where someone inadvertently left someone else’s ice-cream out of the freezer. 234 more words

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Bake-off drama!

If I had submitted my recently made birthday cake to the judges in the great British Bake-Off I think comments may have been made that it was a little dry, that the icing was too sticky, that the decoration (giant chocolate buttons and jelly milk bottles) was too simplistic and not home-made… but I was baking this for my daughter and luckily she loved it! 224 more words


Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie

Because it just doesn’t get any funkier than this.


From "The Moral Dilemmas Of Narrative" a timely post on ethics and priniciples when writing about living subjects

The Moral Dilemmas Of Narrative | Gangrey.com.

A timely excerpt from Gangrey.com’s post of Bill Marvel’s book introduction:

“Compassion seems simple enough. It requires we be aware of our subjects’ feelings, that we write in a way that, if possible, minimizes their distress. 321 more words

Cherie Ann Turpin

11 Signs You Are a Crazed Harry Potter Fan.

1. You don’t like talking to people who have little to no intelligence about the Wizarding World. In other words: You’re not very fond of muggles. 494 more words


10 Reasons Why You Should See "The Guardians Of The Galaxy."

1. The characters are not ‘super’ heroes. They’re un-likely adorable heroes.

2. Obviously if you’ve read the comics you should go see it.

3. The Raccoon Rocket, is very inspirational. 315 more words


My Freshman Year Nightmare.

Most of those freshmen have the typical “I went to school in my underwear” nightmares. You know what I had? Jim. Moriarty. Nightmares. 

 Today was the first day of my Junior year and I was at a new school ONCE AGAIN. 228 more words