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Screen Time For PoC in 2014

by Shane Thomas Follow @tokenbg

CONTENT NOTE: This post will contain discussion of domestic violence, and also contains spoilers for ‘Murdered By My Boyfriend’ and ‘The Secrets’ 1,138 more words

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Exodus: Cinematic Success or Not, It's A Failure at History

As Ridley Scott’s Exodus opens in cinemas it is evident that the cast is not the only thing which has been whitewashed

by Yassin Assoudani… 1,569 more words

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Smiley Burnette - Momma Don't 'Low (Classic Cartoon)

Heard a version of this on the radio yesterday, and it brought back good memories of watching this cartoon on an old VHS. The cartoon is from all the way back in 1935, but it’s still great!

The actual song starts at 4:00.


Domestic Abuse: Not Caught on Camera

by Rubab Zaidi Follow @Ruby2805

She woke up next to him every morning with a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach, dreading what the day would bring. 1,667 more words

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TV Studio Exercise (Group C+E)

This was the first and one of the most amazing exercises we had to do.
After been put into groups we had a meeting and established roles for every individual. 458 more words


Thoughts on the Arrow and Flash crossover

So I haven’t updated this for pretty much a week, I have meant to but I’ve just been busy and the past week has felt like a bit of blur, so hopefully from here onwards things will be more regular. 894 more words


Is it time for Marvel to start worrying?

With the latest announcement from the DC movie world, the casting of the ‘Suicide Squad’ it is very clear than DC may have finally got their act together. 513 more words