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TV Drama - LOST

After an unexpected plane crash on a deserted island apparent to be miles away from any civilisation, 48 survivors are forced to work together to gather food, shelter and water to survive on the island until rescue. 59 more words

TV Drama

TV Binge Report: Rectify

A lot of popular television series revolve around a question. Who shot JR? Who is the mother? What is the smoke monster? Rectify also revolves around a major question, yet has somehow succeeded in making the answer to it, which has yet to be revealed and may never be, almost unimportant. 976 more words


REVIEW - The Informant (2013)

After something of a break, FilmJuice have my review of Julien LeClercq’s The Informant (a.k.a. Gibraltar), from which I expected a lot but received surprisingly little. 593 more words


Our Zoo Coming Soon to BBC One

This looks like it could be good – Our Zoo is a six part series that follows the efforts of a traumatized war veteran (played by the excellent Lee Ingleby – think Inspector Gently’s sidekick) to open England’s first zoo without bars. 14 more words


Stop listening to the static.

I just finished watching Six Feet Under. Let me begin by saying if you haven’t watched it yet, do it now. Even if you can’t quite get into it at first, stick through it the show only gets better. 540 more words


Hell on Wheels

StarringAnson Mount, Colm Meaney, Phil BurkeCommon

Written by: full list on IMDB

Directed by: full list on… 111 more words

Crap Worth Your Time