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First look at The Wire in HD - what do you think?

So here it is. HBO have released the first clips showcasing the upcoming HD release. We’re looking at better picture quality and an upgrade from the old 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9. 114 more words


Sound and Music Deconstruction - Reaper

The extract from Reaper we watched in class begins with a relaxed, slow, non-diegetic soundtrack. It is audible while a short introduction to the lifestyle of Sock, one of the characters, is displayed and suggests his easiness. 550 more words

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My TV Guilty Pleasures

So I started off writing this post thinking that I’ll make it a top five of my TV guilty pleasures, well that didn’t really work out. 783 more words


How is Sound/Music used in this extract of 'Reaper'?

In the beginning of this extract from ‘Reaper’, the first sound/music technique which has been used, is a non-diegetic score. This non-diegetic score is used at a quiet volume which as a result, makes it more sad or depressing. 574 more words

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Sound-Mix Construction Task - Assessment

I tried to make the non-diegetic score in the beginning of my sound construction appropriate to the genre of science-fiction, where the clip clearly comes from. 739 more words

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TV Drama Sound Mix:

For the following task, we had to look at a clip from a TV Drama which was completely wiped of any sound and music and my job was to go on Garageband and create my own on what I think suited the representation and sub-genre which was sci-fi. 611 more words

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Netflix's List of Films and Shows Expands with Third Season of "House of Cards"

During the week of Thanksgiving, Netflix announced the programs that it will be removing and adding to its selection. It’s curious that roughly 80 titles are going away, while only about 50 will be added. 107 more words

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