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Weekend Update

Knocked out (by a good team which won and was 2nd in the swiss, although it was my own fault) Saturday am. 2nd place in the afternoon pairs, 4th in the Swiss. 606 more words


Why you should be watching Steven Universe

This is a guest post by Chu.

If you haven’t already heard of Steven Universe, then it’s about time you did. Steven Universe is a cartoon about a young boy born into a magical guardian race called the Crystal Gems, and throughout the series he learns wholesome life lessons while fighting wondrous monsters and navigating wacky hijinks around his hometown. 404 more words


"New Girl" and women in sitcoms

The Season 4 premier of New Girl is on Tuesday, Sept. 16 and  I’ve already set the PVR.

I have fallen victim to many sitcoms in my life, but none as whole-heartedly satisfying than the FOX series… 496 more words

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TV Recommendation Open Thread

Let’s see:

  • I finished The Sopranos and The Shield. I started the Wire, which seems good, but I may need to pause that to get a bit of distance from the prior two.
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"Reciprocal Rape" in Fiction

This post is about rape, and contains spoilers from Orphan Black (a show you really should watch) season 2 and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… 1,123 more words