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The Children

So…. this was the Season 4 finale for Game of Thrones…

The episode starts pretty much where the last one left off: Jon Snow walking beyond the Wall to try to kill Mance, in hopes that this will make the tribes he gathered disperse and stop attacking Castle Black. 1,314 more words

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The Watchers on the Wall

This episode was purely, as mentioned in the name, about the Wall.

The windings, free folk, giants, and a mammoth finally make it to the wall. 476 more words

Game Of Thrones

Freaking Cersei

Oh, I forgot something.. Cersei’s smirk at the end of the episode when Oberyn dies and Tyrion is sentenced to death.. She should have a worse death than Oberyn ten times over. 11 more words

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The Mountain and the Viper

I’m trying something new.. Typing this as I watch instead of after I finish watching…

The Wildings attack the village Gilly was at, but Ygritte chose to let her live. 755 more words

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