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The Simpsons: Just a cartoon?

Weeks ago, I was watching an episode of The Simpsons with my dad. It wasn’t an entirely bad episode, but I found myself criticizing the writing a lot. 403 more words

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As the Doctor goes 'Into the Dalek', more is revealed about our 'broken' soldier.

“You see all those years ago, when I began. I was just running. I called myself the Doctor, but it was just a name… And then I went to Skaro.

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'Video Game High School' Season 3 teaser trailer revealed.

The quirky web-series which many gamers hold close to our heart is finally near returning, after the Kickstarter had raised $808,341 and filming commenced, we’re finally near to watching the third season which has us promised to be “laughing, crying, cheering” as “it all ends here”. 180 more words

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Possibly the best Groot cosplay you'll ever see.

In what appears to be an absolutely convincing costume, the man behind HurleyFX has created his own Groot costume which he wore to  Dragoncon 2014 – I can only imagine people at the event were outstandingly impressed by the realistic cosplay! 153 more words

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Películas: Lucy

Esto no es una reseña. No tengo muchas ganas de escribir una reseña.

Ayer fui al cine de improviso, y la película que se nos antojaba ver y se acomodaba al horario fue… 508 more words

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Here's a List of the Highest-Paid Actors on Television Right Now

You might have heard that the stars of CBS’ staggeringly successful ensemble comedy “The Big Bang Theory” recently lobbied for one hell of a raise. Clearly, it worked out—starting this fall, … 434 more words


Top 5 worst comic book movies

There have been so many movies based on comic book movies over the past ten years that it’s like a plague that has spread throughout Hollywood, but with every big fad, there’s always somebody trying to cash in on it. 1,479 more words

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