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The Doctor robs a bank, too bad he couldn't also rob my attention.

“Everything has a price tag, I think you’ll find”.

The overall question constructed in this episode is simple, ‘what could the Doctor and Clara desire in order to rob a bank and consent in wiping their memory?’ – the answer is as irrelevant and forgettable as this episode is.

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'The Verse' of Firefly could still work now, as proved by fan-film.

There’s still Firefly comics, merchandise and even a video game which extended the storylines of the cult favourite ‘Firefly'; however many fans still debate whether an actual television continuation/reboot would actually work well, or if it would be a terrible disaster. 158 more words

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Ralf Bauer

I received this autographed postcard of German actor Ralf Bauer from someone on http://www.postcrossing.com/ It was a really nice surprise!

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Best Supporting Character-Jesse Pinkman

Breaking Bad is as addicting as Heisenberg’s blue crystal. The distinguishing feature of the show is in the hands of the characters, more so about how their moral compasses are askew, whether it is out of circumstance or by nature. 943 more words

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Aubrey Plaza Will Be the Voice of Grumpy Cat in Holiday Movie

When Lifetime first announced plans to create a made-for-TV holiday movie around Grumpy Cat, the first question on many folks’ minds (ours included) was: Will Grumpy Cat talk? 121 more words


Judd Apatow's New Series is Coming to Netflix

Judd Apatow fans prepare to be very—and we mean very—excited. Apatow is partnering with Netflix on a new series being called “Love” starring Paul Rust… 216 more words