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'Grimm' season 4 premiere recap: Give 'em Trubel

Season 4 | Episode 1 | “Thanks for the Memories” | Aired Oct 24, 2014

NBC’s Grimm has finally returned, and with the premiere of season 4, we find the gang right where we left them. 1,102 more words

How to Get Away with Murder Review – We’re Not Friends (Season 1, Episode 5)

This week is the Laurel episode and we are 6 weeks before the murder. You knew this had to be good to follow last week’s episode and it was. 1,203 more words

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'Pushing Daisies' finale recap: Swim on, mermaids

Season 2 | Episode 13 | “Kerplunk” | Aired June 13, 2009

With its bright colors, lavish costumes, and alliterative names, it’s only fitting that… 1,239 more words

#GreysAnatomy S11E05 Recap: Is the Happy Era of #CalZona Going to be Over?

#TGIT, Thank God It’s Thursday! Which means three major Primetime shows from #SHONDAland. Here comes the first row!

SPOILERS ALERT: STAY AWAY from this article if you haven’t caught up on the latest episode of America’s no #1 medical drama #GreysAnatomy S11E05, aired Oct 23, 2014. 812 more words


#TheVampireDiaries S06E04 Recap: Stefan and Elena are ENGAGED!

#Stelena got engaged, SAY WHAT!!!??? :)

WARNING: DO NOT read this if you don’t want to find out any major spoilers from the latest episode of CW’s #TheVampireDiaries, aired Oct 23, 2014. 637 more words


‘Parenthood’ Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: "The Scale of Affection Is Fluid"

It’s difficult for ensemble dramas to orchestrate action for all, or even most, of their storylines in a single episode. Last week I mentioned that  763 more words


#Arrow S03E03 Recap: Oliver Brings Thea Home in "Corto Maltese"

SPOILERS ALERT: LOOK AWAY from this feature if you haven’t seen the latest episode of CW’s #Arrow, aired Oct 22, 2014. Everyone else, let’s hit the fuss below! 756 more words