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Review: Bates Motel S02E08 “Meltdown”

This episode feels almost entirely like an attempt to make the drug war subplot relevant.

It fails.

There’s a bit of a narrative strand in which Romero keeps questioning Norman about the night he spent with Blair Watson, but nothing comes of that. 309 more words

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Review: Bates Motel S02E07 “Presumed Innocent”

I’m not sure what to say about this episode of Bates Motel. Hence putting off this review for so long. The plot is simple enough to summarize. 596 more words

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Coen Brothers' Fargo, episode one

Well heck, Fargo’s only gone and been made into a darn TV series. But, you already knew that didn’t you?!

Going into this I had no idea what to expect… And given my track record of loathing anything even resembling a ‘remake’, I was pretty sceptical. 339 more words


TV Review: Arrow - Season 2, Episode 19

Episode 19: The Man Under the Hood

Last week saw Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) lose his company, his family falling apart, Team Arrow showing severe strain, and Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) putting plans into place to get his own army. 263 more words




This is not a tv show for the fainted hearted. This is not a strictly historical account of the Salem witch trials. These are not your friendly Wiccans. 401 more words

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Endeavour Series 2: Neverland (2014)

Endeavor, ITV Sunday 8pm

At university I was taught to read into and analyze everything film and television related to with an inch of its life. 1,280 more words

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